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Madeira October Events 2024

Madeira’s October Events encompass a range of cultural, gastronomic, and outdoor activities, reflecting the island’s rich traditions and natural beauty. During this month, visitors can experience a variety of festivals and celebrations, including autumn harvest events that showcase the local produce and cuisine. Wine and food festivals are common, offering a taste of Madeira’s culinary delights. Cultural events may include music and dance performances, reflecting the island’s heritage. The pleasant October weather also makes it an ideal time for outdoor activities, such as hiking and exploring the scenic landscapes. These events provide a blend of cultural immersion and enjoyment of the natural wonders of Madeira.

Madeira Organ Festival

The Madeira Organ Festival is an annual music event that celebrates the rich tradition of organ music in Madeira, Portugal. This festival features a series of concerts performed by talented organists from around the world. These concerts take place in various historical churches across the island, each boasting uniquely crafted organs with rich histories. The festival showcases a range of organ music, from classical to contemporary pieces, highlighting the instrument’s versatility and beauty. The Madeira Organ Festival not only offers a feast for music enthusiasts but also highlights the cultural and historical significance of the organ in Madeira’s religious and musical heritage.

Date: 13/10/2024 – 22/10/2024 (21:30)
Locality: Funchal, Machico

Nature Festival

Between walks along the levadas that almost border the entire island, descents by waterfalls in the mountains along the northern coast, bicycle rides along forest trails and learning about our cultural and historical roots, the Nature Festival is a tribute to the archipelago’s natural heritage, where the Laurissilva forest, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999, is also a must.

Date: 01/10/2024 – 06/10/2024

ULTRA MADEIRA – Ponta do Pargo to Machico

ULTRA MADEIRA is an extreme endurance event set in the challenging and diverse landscapes of Madeira, Portugal. This ultramarathon attracts runners from all over the world, offering them a test of stamina and resilience. The race encompasses a variety of terrains, including rugged mountain trails, steep climbs, and scenic coastal paths. Participants face the physical and mental challenge of covering long distances while experiencing the natural beauty of Madeira. ULTRA MADEIRA is not just a race; it’s an adventure that pushes athletes to their limits and showcases the island’s stunning landscapes, making it a unique and memorable experience for both runners and spectators.

Date: 7/10/2024 – 8/10/2024
Locality: Ponta do Pargo to Machico

Lord of Miracles Festival Machico

The Lord of Miracles Festival in Machico, Madeira, is a significant religious and cultural event commemorating a historical event when a landslide destroyed the local chapel, sparing only the image of Christ. This festival involves solemn religious processions, where the revered image is carried through the streets, alongside various cultural activities. It’s a time for reflection and community gathering, with locals and visitors participating in the ceremonies. The festival also includes music, traditional food, and other festivities, reflecting the blend of religious devotion and cultural heritage in Machico. The Lord of Miracles Festival is a deeply rooted event in the local community, attracting people from across Madeira and beyond.

Date: 8/10/2024 – 9/10/2024
Locality: Machico

Mountain Bike Madeira Meeting
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Mountain Bike Madeira Meeting

The Mountain Bike Madeira Meeting is an event dedicated to mountain biking enthusiasts, set in the diverse and challenging terrain of Madeira, Portugal. This gathering brings together mountain bikers from various skill levels to explore and enjoy the extensive network of trails across the island. The event typically features organized rides, workshops, and opportunities for participants to share experiences and tips. It’s not just about the physical challenge of mountain biking but also about appreciating the natural beauty of Madeira and fostering a sense of community among biking enthusiasts. The Mountain Bike Madeira Meeting is an ideal event for those looking to combine their passion for mountain biking with the exploration of new, scenic landscapes.

Date: 9 to 15 October 2024
Locality: Porto Moniz

Festa da Maçã

The Festa da Maçã, or Apple Festival, in Madeira is a celebration of the apple harvest and the agricultural traditions associated with apple cultivation on the island. This event typically features a variety of activities including apple picking, tasting sessions with different apple varieties, and demonstrations of traditional methods of apple processing and cooking. Local vendors and artisans also participate, showcasing apple-based products such as ciders, pastries, and jams. The festival offers a blend of gastronomic experiences, cultural activities, and educational opportunities, highlighting the importance of apples in Madeira’s local agriculture and cuisine. It’s a family-friendly event that attracts both locals and tourists, offering a taste of Madeira’s rural heritage.

Date: 12 to 15 October 2024
Locality: Camacha

Sea and Fishermam Fair

The Sea and Fisherman Fair in Madeira is an event celebrating the island’s rich maritime history and the importance of fishing in its culture. This fair typically features a variety of activities related to the sea and fishing, including exhibitions, demonstrations of fishing techniques, and seafood cooking sessions. Visitors can enjoy tasting a wide range of seafood dishes, showcasing the local culinary traditions. There are also cultural performances, music, and dance, reflecting the community’s connection to the sea. The fair is a tribute to the fishermen of Madeira and provides insight into the island’s maritime heritage, making it an engaging and educational experience for all ages.

Date: 13 to 15 October 2024
Locality: Caniçal

Madeira Canyoning Meeting

The Madeira Canyoning Meeting is an event dedicated to the sport of canyoning, set in the unique and varied landscapes of Madeira, Portugal. This gathering attracts canyoning enthusiasts from around the world, offering an opportunity to explore Madeira’s numerous canyons with their diverse terrain and water features. The event includes guided canyoning trips for various skill levels, workshops, and seminars led by experienced canyoners. Participants get to experience the thrill of navigating through Madeira’s rugged terrain, including rappelling down waterfalls and traversing rocky gorges. The Madeira Canyoning Meeting is not only a physical adventure but also a chance for the canyoning community to share experiences, techniques, and celebrate their passion for this challenging outdoor activity. More info.

Date: 15 to 20 October 2024

Eco Trail Funchal Madeira Island
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Eco Trail Funchal Madeira Island

The Eco Trail Funchal on Madeira Island is an eco-friendly trail running event that showcases the stunning natural landscapes of the island. This event offers a range of trail running courses suitable for different levels of runners, from beginners to experienced athletes. The routes take participants through diverse environments, including lush forests, mountain paths, and scenic coastal trails, emphasizing the ecological beauty of Madeira. The Eco Trail Funchal is not just a race; it’s an opportunity to enjoy and respect the natural surroundings, promoting environmental awareness and sustainable practices among the running community and spectators. This event combines physical challenge with the appreciation of nature, making it a unique experience for all involved.

Date: 21 to 22 October 2024
Locality: Funchal

Rally Madeira Legend 

The Rally Madeira Legend is a classic car rally event held in Madeira, Portugal, celebrating the rich history of motorsport on the island. This event attracts classic rally cars and drivers, both local and international, showcasing a wide range of vintage and historic vehicles. The rally features challenging routes across Madeira’s diverse terrain, including winding mountain roads and picturesque coastal stretches. Participants and spectators alike enjoy the thrill of seeing classic cars in action, combined with the stunning backdrop of Madeira’s landscapes. The Rally Madeira Legend is not only a competitive event but also a tribute to the legacy of rallying, bringing together car enthusiasts and the community for a nostalgic and exciting experience.

Date: 26 to 28 October 2024
Locality: Funchal

Madeira Fashion

Madeira Fashion is an event that showcases the latest trends and creative designs in the fashion industry, highlighting the work of both established and emerging designers from Madeira and beyond. This event typically features fashion shows, exhibitions, and workshops, offering a platform for designers to present their collections to a diverse audience, including industry professionals, media, and fashion enthusiasts. Madeira Fashion aims to promote the island’s fashion scene, encouraging innovation and artistic expression in the field. It’s an opportunity for local talent to gain exposure and for visitors to experience the unique style and creativity that Madeira’s fashion community has to offer.

Date: 26 to 28 October 2024
Locality: Funchal

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween in Madeira is a celebration that embraces the fun and spooky spirit of Halloween. This event sees locals and visitors alike enjoying various Halloween-themed activities, such as costume parties, pumpkin carving contests, and haunted house experiences. Many local businesses and public spaces participate by decorating with Halloween motifs, creating a festive atmosphere. The event is family-friendly, offering activities and entertainment for all ages, including trick-or-treating for children and special themed events at night for adults. Happy Halloween in Madeira is a blend of traditional Halloween customs with a local twist, providing an enjoyable experience for everyone involved in the festivities.

Date: 31 October 2024

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