Things to Do in Funchal, Portugal Activities 

Things to Do in Funchal, Portugal

If you’re looking for a vacation destination with history and culture, look no further than Funchal, Portugal. Located in the Madeira archipelago, the city has a picturesque harbor, tropical gardens, and wine cellars. It is also home to the Funchal Cathedral, a Gothic cathedral with carved wood ceilings. Also in the city, take a tour of the So Tiago Fortress, a 16th century fortress that houses a museum of contemporary art and has a large collection of Portuguese art. Funchal is a Garden City If you love gardening, then Funchal…

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8 Things To Do in Madeira Activities 

8 Things To Do in Madeira Islands in 2023

With its outstanding mix of stunning natural beauty, quaint historic towns and inviting year-round climate, the lovely Portuguese island of Madeira is an ideal destination for lovers of nature and outdoor activities. The archipelago, which technically comprises Madeira, Porto Santo and the nature-protected Desertas Islands, lies splendidly isolated in the Atlantic Ocean, somewhere 1000 km from the European mainland and 520 km from the coast of Africa. To Do in Madeira Islands 1 – Take a Levada Walk Madeira is especially famous for its spectacular Levada walks, and for good…

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Mountain Bike Activities 

Brendan Fairclough on Madeira Islands – Mountain Bike

The tourist entertainment company recently brought FREERIDE WOOD oo best in the World Mountain Bike, Brendan Fairclough . More info: The FREERIDE brought to Madeira about 5 internationally renowned athletes to publicize the Wooden holiday destination Mountain Bike, and come visit the island.The video was developed by Henry Seruca / Photography leeds Photos and Pedro Faria for the company to FREERIDE WOOD tourist entertainment in partnership with Fifth Mother Of Men and Volkswagen Commercial.

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Madeira Islands Golf Open [year] Activities Events 

Madeira Islands Golf Open 2023

The edition of the Madeira Islands Golf Open, which is part of the main PGA European Tour, was held at Santo da Serra Golfe. This year’s prize money is EUR 675.000. Madeira Islands Golf Open Santo da Serra Golf Clubis is rated as one of the most spectacular golf courses in Europe, with staggering views from the mountains to the sea below.The course was built in 1937 and was redesigned by Robert Trent Jones in 1991. It is located in Santo da Serra not far from Funchal and less than…

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Madeira Triathlon | Triathlon Long III Coast Laurel [year] Activities 

Madeira Triathlon | Triathlon Long III Coast Laurel 2023

3rd edition of The Long Distance Triathlon ” Laurel Coast ” again will cycle through the three counties that make up the beautiful coast of Laurel : Porto Moniz , Sao Vicente and Santana .Besides its recreational and sporting character, this challenging competition is also an important event for the promotion of different geographical areas where extending the lush Laurel Forest of Madeira. More info: Madeira Triathlon This year will bring some more competitive setting and at the same time will be played the National Club Championship Triathlon Long…

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Madeira Island Ultra Trail Activities 

Madeira Island Ultra Trail

This is an organization of the Mountain Club of Funchal .Already confirmed are 749 athletes from 24 different nationalities . More info: The Madeira Island Ultra Trail (MIUT) is more than just a race; it’s an extraordinary journey through some of the most stunning landscapes on Earth. This ultra trail event, held annually on the beautiful island of Madeira, Portugal, attracts trail runners from around the world. This post will delve into the MIUT, exploring its routes, challenges, community spirit, and why it’s a must-experience event for trail running…

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Surf Madeira [year] Activities 

Surf Madeira 2023

Surfing in Madeira: A Diverse Experience Madeira offers a wide variety of surf spots suitable for all levels of expertise. From the world-class waves of Jardim do Mar to the safe and sheltered Seixal beach, the island’s surf spots are as diverse as they are thrilling. Jardim do Mar: A Unique Long Wave Jardim do Mar is renowned for its unique long wave and north and northwest swells. With waves reaching more than 10 meters high and about 300 meters long, it’s a spot that experienced surfers won’t want to…

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Museum Tour in Funchal - Self Guided Activities 

Museum Tour in Funchal – Self Guided

Museu da Quinta das Cruzes Quinta das Cruzes Museum – Quinta das Cruzes is comprised by an old manor house, garden and chapel. In its garden you will encounter a vast collection of endemic and exotic plant species such as orchids, camphor trees, Australian eucalyptus and palm trees. Museum Tour in Funchal Casa Museu Frederico de Freitas Frederico de Freitas Museum – Former residence of Frederico de Freitas, the Earl of Calçada, whose collections of furniture, sculpture, painting, ceramics and prints are on display. Museu Municipal The Museum of Natural History…

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Quinta das Cruzes Museum Activities 

Quinta das Cruzes Museum

Quinta das Cruzes is one of the largest “Quintas “with historic tradition in the bay of Funchal, linked to the family of the first Donatory Captain in the late fifteenth, early sixteenth century. A small building, started by Joao Goncalves Zarco (1425-1467?), was increased by his son João Gonçalves da Câmara. This house remained in the family until the mid seventeenth century, moving through marriage alliances, to the Lomelino family until the late nineteenth century. The is now harmonized by major works undertaken in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Like…

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Madeira Libraries Activities 

Madeira Libraries

Library/Documentation Center – Contemporary Art Museum The museum has a small library/documentation centre, which is open to whoever is interested. In this documentation centre are gathered publications and editions, like newspapers, catalogues, books, postcards, cut paperwork and magazines, which are common in its main theme, that is, contemporary art. For each artist represented in the museum’s collection it was organised an individual related folder. Regional Public Library The Regional Public Library is a dynamic institution, with an essentially patrimonial and erudite feature but equally accessible to the general population. It…

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