A segurança e opções de Jogo dos casinos online em Portugal 1 Madeira Island News 

A segurança e opções de Jogo dos casinos online em Portugal

Longe vão os dias de insegurança e receio em optar por um casino online ou uma casa de apostas online para jogar e apostar. Afinal, em Portugal, a atividade de exploração de jogos e apostas online é regulamentada desde 2015. O Decreto-Lei nº 66/2015, de 29 de abril, define o quadro normativo da atividade, com a aprovação do Regime Jurídico dos Jogos e Apostas Online, tornando os casinos online legais em Portugal e alicerçando juridicamente a exploração de jogos e apostas. É fulcral, tanto para os cofres do Estado como…

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Where to Go Diving In Madeira 2 Madeira Island News 

Where to Go Diving In Madeira

Anytime is a good time to go diving in Madeira. The island enjoys optimal diving conditions year-round, giving natives and visitors an opportunity to explore its underwater scenery. There’s a lot to see, from submerged shipwrecks to coral reefs. Madeira’s dive sites include cave diving, wreck diving, snorkeling, and scuba diving. You’ll marvel as dolphins swim past you, and if you’re lucky, you may see the rare beaked whale along Madeira’s shores. With its rich biodiversity and moderate temperature, Madeira is a must for experienced and novice divers.  If you’re…

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Rustic living room design 3 Madeira Island News 

Rustic living room design

Canvas prints – an interesting idea for decoration Accessories in a rustic style should be inherently connected with nature, have a kind of wildness and appeal. It is no different in the case of canvas prints, extremely popular decorations that have enormous potential. They are perfect for large, brick walls, breaking their severity a bit. They also perfectly emphasize the style where there is no possibility of arranging in wood or stones. And what should be on rustic canvases? There are many interesting motifs, but a lot depends on whether…

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Regata Transquadra [year] 4 EVENTS Madeira Island News 

Regata Transquadra 2022

Madeira Islands welcomed on 31st July last the arrival of the first sailors participating on the Regatta Transquadra, coming from Saint Nazaire, France. This transatlantic sailing race, integrates close to 500 sailsmen who are expected to visit the island, along with their families. Madeira Tourism was present at the first stage of this event held between July, 23rd to 27th, last for the official openning ceremony of this event at the Port of Saint Nazaire.The second stage of this race will take place between January 19th to 28th.

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Santo Amaro Feast [year] 5 EVENTS Madeira Island News 

Santo Amaro Feast 2022

Madeira Islands celebrate, in a particularly festive and ceremonial way all over the island, the religious festivity of Santo Amaro. This is the day when families gather to share the remaining delicacies of this festive season, to take out the Christmas decorations and lapinhas (cribs) and to “clean the kitchen cabinets – a custom deeply rooted in the traditions of popular people of Madeira.On this day the municipality of Santa Cruz pays tribute to its patron saint in a very lively religious festivity, which marks the end of the Christmas…

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Best New Year's Eve destination is Madeira [year] 7 EVENTS Madeira Island News TRAVEL 

Best New Year’s Eve destination is Madeira 2022

Among the top 10 European destinations for the  New Year’s Eve, the EBD elected Madeira, or rather the fireworks of Funchal, as the best of all.Neither London nor Paris, let alone Berlin. It is in Madeira that is best way for the European year, according to Election European Best Destinations (EBD), organization based in Brussels and bringing together the main European Tour entities. Best New Year’s Eve“The stunning scenery of rare beauty, is simply unique, with thousands of multi-colored lights decorating the amphitheater of Funchal, making it a grand stage,”…

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Cristiano Ronaldo is honored today with statue in Madeira 8 EVENTS Madeira Island News Madeira News 

Cristiano Ronaldo is honored today with statue in Madeira

The international and captain of the Portuguese national football team, Cristiano Ronaldo (was born in Madeira Island), will be honored today by the Government of the Autonomous Region of Madeira, where it is natural, and will also inaugurate a statue in his honor. In Madeira Legislative Assembly, Ronaldo will receive the Autonomic Cord Distinction, the highest award of the Region. In the Sea Square, next to the port of Funchal, the Real Madrid footballer will be perpetuated by a statue.Ronaldo’s coming to Madeira is promoted by Jornal da Madeira, which…

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Madeira wine grew 53% until October to the Portugal 9 Madeira Island News Madeira News PORTO SANTO 

Madeira wine grew 53% until October to the Portugal

The president of the Wine Institute, Embroidery and Crafts Madeira (IVBAM) recently stated that the bet on the Continent, in partnership with companies in the sector, in comparison with this Madeira Wine has given outstanding results. Paula gourd demonstrated that between January and October 31 this season, Madeira Wine sales to the mainland market increased by 53% in quantity and 70% in value compared to the identical period of 2013.

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Ribeiro Frio - Balcões 10 LOCALS Madeira Island News 

Ribeiro Frio – Balcões

Ribeiro Frio (Cold River) is an natural playground situated in the north of the island, at a deep valley surrounded by mountains. That location is well-known by locals and tourists for its trouts and lovely walks along its nature trails. For those who wish to go on a trek without Waiting for hours, the surroundings of are a must with its walks across the Levada (Levada is that the title of this gutters pushed into the rock so as to carry water in the entire island). The stroll will take…

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