Top 5 Must-Try Madeira Drinks on Your Next Trip to Madeira Island Traditional food 

Top 5 Must-Try Madeira Drinks on Your Next Trip to Madeira Island

Madeira Island, a lush and vibrant Portuguese island, is not only famous for its breathtaking landscapes and rich culture but also for its unique culinary delights, including a variety of traditional drinks. When visiting Madeira, indulging in these local beverages is a must to get the full experience of the island’s gastronomy. Here are the top 5 drinks you should not miss on your next trip to Madeira Island. 1. Madeira Wine A trip to Madeira would be incomplete without tasting its namesake wine. Madeira wine is a fortified wine,…

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Pé de cabra Madeira Traditional food 

Pé de cabra Madeira

This drink was created in the high areas of the Câmara de Lobos municipality, a region famous for its traditional beverages. Pé de Cabra is popular among the island’s residents and is known for its intense flavor, a blend of dry wine and dark beer, enriched with sugar, powdered chocolate, and lemon peel, creating a remarkable taste profile. This traditional drink was often served in typical “casas de pastos” (eating houses). Pé de Cabra Madeira is not just a drink; it’s a cultural emblem, a testament to the rich and…

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Madeira Cake (Bolo de Mel Madeira) Products Traditional food 

Madeira Cake (Bolo de Mel Madeira)

A Madeira cake is a classic butter or sponge cake from British and Irish cookery. It is a traditional treat. This cake is often made with cherries and nuts. It is a traditional snack and goes perfectly with a cup of tea. It is a wonderful way to celebrate the arrival of spring. Bolo de Mel The Bolo de Mel is a traditional cake of Madeira Island. It is a rich and delicious cake made with nuts and soaked in brandy. Its rich flavor will keep you coming back for…

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Poncha is the traditional drink of Madeira Products Featured Traditional food 

Poncha is the traditional drink of Madeira

Poncha is the most traditional drink of Madeira ! That is to say : Who’s going to Madeira and not drink , can not boast that knows truly the pearl of the Atlantic. Although typical county of Câmara de Lobos , the is known and appreciated all over the island . It can be drunk both in summer with ice, as in the winter, because they contain lots of vitamin C. Previously, was made ​​only with brandy cane sugar adding the same amount of water, sugar and lemon peel small enough…

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Anona da Madeira Products Featured Traditional food 

Anona da Madeira

The Anona is a tropical fruit originating in Peru and Ecuador, which Madeira is grown to a height of 500 meters, the fruiting period from November to January. In Madeira there are two varieties , easily distinguishable by shell; Anona the Lisa , the more appreciated because the shell is thinner , with few seeds , fruit pulp and sweet , common in dry , scaly and Anona , which as its name implies has a thick rind , with many scales , creamy flesh full of seeds , not…

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Traditional Fruits of Madeira Featured Products Traditional food 

Traditional Fruits of Madeira

Fruits Of Madeira Fruits are nutritious foods that are consumed, usually in addition to the meals and provide raw material for many products, such as juices, nectars , fruit jellies, jams, compotes, salads, among others that are the basis for healthy eating and balanced. In recent decades , the fruit has been recognized worldwide and, consequently, has become of great economic and social importance for some countries. Particularly in the context of production in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, met various fruits that differ by presenting special characteristics due to…

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The famous Madeira Wine Products Traditional food 

The famous Madeira Wine

The overall space of the island of Madeira is 732 km2 , and the extent of Viticultural Space is roughly 400 acres. It’s a distinctive panorama characterised by rugged terrain aid. The actual circumstances of the soil of volcanic origin, largely basaltic, and proximity to the ocean, related weather conditions , the place the summers are scorching and humid and winters gentle , give the wine distinctive and singular. The agricultural land is characterised by very steep slopes , that are typically within the type of terraces , known as…

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