Things to Do in Funchal, Portugal 1 LOCALS 

Things to Do in Funchal, Portugal

If you’re looking for a vacation destination with history and culture, look no further than Funchal, Portugal. Located in the Madeira archipelago, the city has a picturesque harbor, tropical gardens, and wine cellars. It is also home to the Funchal Cathedral, a Gothic cathedral with carved wood ceilings. Also in the city, take a tour of the So Tiago Fortress, a 16th century fortress that houses a museum of contemporary art and has a large collection of Portuguese art. Funchal is a Garden City If you love gardening, then Funchal…

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São Vicente 2 LOCALS 

São Vicente

The Municipality of São Vicente is a Portuguese municipality on the island of Madeira, Autonomous Region of Madeira, with its seat in the village of São Vivente, which gave its name to the municipality and to the parish of which it is part. São Vicente is a pleasant village in the north of the island that lies in one of Madeira’s most beautiful valleys and where you can find caves of volcanic origin. The Municipality of São Vicente was created in 1835, comprising the current parishes of Ponta Delgada, São…

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Porto da Cruz in Madeira Island 3 LOCALS Featured 

Porto da Cruz in Madeira Island

Porto da Cruz title got here from a atrabilious (cruz) that was positioned by the explorers on the bay as soon as used as port (porto)On. the north coast of Madeira, Porto da Cruz is a San Bernadino with many sights. Amongst them, the meals nicely represented in native feasting places. It is a very city solely well-known for its wine manufacturing whose significance is unasterisked yearly in September, the Grape Competition. Within the heart of the Lanzhou, subsequent to the Atlantic, the cafes and necrophagia places are centered and,…

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machico LOCALS Featured 

Machico is a historic city

Located on the east coast of Madeira Island, about 22 km from Funchal, this municipality has a magnificent historical significance.It was the following that Gonçalves Zarco and Tristan Vaz Teixeira landed, between 14-19, when they found the wood.Machico moved to the city on 2 August 1996 and contains about 20,000 inhabitants distributed one of its 6-8 km2. According to legend, a century before this revelation, Robert Machim and Anna D’arfet had found asylum right here. The domain of this name Machim emerged within the name of the metropolis. The noise…

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Ponta do Sol - THE BEST Things to Do 4 LOCALS Featured 

Ponta do Sol – THE BEST Things to Do

Located on the south coast of the island, Ponta do Sol is currently the seat of the municipality and has about 8,200 inhabitants in its area of 43.3 Km2.This is considered the hottest County on the island and where the sun shines for more hours. Economic activity is based on the primary sector, where agriculture stands out, with the predominance of sugarcane and banana production; horticulture and floriculture. The traditional trade and hotel trade are also important. In the municipality there is a plant export company. In this municipality Ponta…

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santa-cruz LOCALS 

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is in the eastern part of the island near the International Airport and by the sea. It’s a wonderful city with lots of attractions. In the centre of Santa Cruz there is a beautiful historical church; the mother church built in the 16th century. Across the street you will reach the beach of Palmeiras, a beach of calhau very popular among the locals in the summer. It is equipped with swimming pool for children, Beach Games, vigilantes and First Aid Center. Enjoy a pleasant walk on the promenade…

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santana LOCALS Featured 


Santana is composed of six parishes (Arco de São Jorge, Ilha, Faial, Santana, São Jorge and São Roque do Faial), lives mainly from agriculture, handicrafts and tradition. The mountainous landscapes are dominated by the lush green that characterizes the Laurissilva Forest. Indeed, some of its landscapes are classified as World Heritage, which is certainly a strong contribution to maintaining its beauty. With so many attractions, it is normal that a large part of the tourists draw a circle around Santana and highlight it as a mandatory point of visit. And…

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Calheta - most extensive of all the municipalities 5 LOCALS 

Calheta – most extensive of all the municipalities

The municipality of Calheta is located between the south and the West End of Madeira Island and its area, approximately 116 km2, makes it the most extensive of the Autonomous Region of Madeira. About 12,000 people live here. It is thought that the origin of its name comes from the small bay or cove that serves it as port and that it watched João Gonçalves Zarco when he intended to go ashore. This is the meaning of the word”calheta”. In this locality lies the center of the Arts “Casa das…

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Câmara de Lobos 6 LOCALS Featured 

Câmara de Lobos

Câmara de Lobos is a town and civil parish on the south coast of Madeira Island. The municipality of Câmara de Lobos has about 35 000 inhabitants spread over an area of 51.82 km2. The name of this parish derives from the fact that, at the time of the discovery of the island, large numbers of sea wolves were seen in that cove that still maintains the same configuration today. Currently, these animals occasionally appear only on the southern coast of the island, with a colony preserved on the Desert…

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Ribeira Brava - Located on the south coast madeira 7 LOCALS 

Ribeira Brava – Located on the south coast madeira

Located on the south coast, the municipality of Ribeira Brava has an area of about 65.10 km2, where about 12,500 inhabitants are distributed. Ribeira Brava was elevated to the category of village in 1928. Its main economic activity is agriculture. Sweet potatoes, beans, vegetables, some cereal, fruit and wine are taken from the cultivation of the land. The Church of Saint Benedict, built in the 15th century and situated in the village of Ribeira Brava, exposes magnificent panels of clear Flemish influence, representing the Virgin and boy, Saint Benedict and…

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