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Madeira Nature Festival

The Madeira Nature Festival ( Festival of Nature ) , is a new event in the calendar of tourist activities , whose first edition was held in October 2011 , and aims to promote tourist activities in the context of nature by encouraging the practice of activities that enable direct contact with the rich natural heritage of Madeira . For a week , the Madeira Nature Festival promotes and celebrates with their visitors what nature has to offer. Both in the hills, and in the air or at sea , the options are many more and all can experience a range of activities offer varied and aimed at all age groups.

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Madeira Nature Festival

Animation in downtown area

In the downtown area , specifically in the central board of Avenida Arriaga in front of the Tourism , are recreated environments and structures assembled for demonstration and experience some activities that can be performed within nature . Square Restoration occurs in a mini camp Madeira with craft shows and regional cuisine , demonstrations of traditional games and performances by folk groups .

Wood World Games

The MWG – Wood World Games – Games Traditions and the nature of the wood , to be held in the bay of Machico and Porto da Cruz , between 4 and 6 October , is a project that aims to develop games drawn in the sea , the mountains and in the air with the goal of producing leisure activities , tourist and sporting in nature , aimed at both the valuation , recovery and development of natural tourist traditions , the environment and cultural heritage.

Activities in Nature

This week will occur active tourism activities promoted by the partners ( duly licensed activities that develop tourist activities ) , taking place at sea , on mountains and in the air , and include tours and jeep safaris , walking tours and taken , canyoning , Mountain biking , horseback riding, bike 4 , bird watching , climbing , boating / sailing , dolphin and whales , sea excursions , scuba diving , kayaking , snorkelling , surfing , scenic tours , paragliding , ski lifts, etc. .

Activities on LandBirdwatching

The Birdwatching is an activity that is in excellent condition Wood for your practice , both in terrestrial and bird watching seabirds. Is a pleasant way to know in depth the elements that make up the unique natural heritage of Madeira.

The rich biodiversity of Madeira , cataloged as Biogenetic Reserve by the European Council and World Natural Heritage by UNESCO , allow you to observe endemic species of Madeira and Macaronesia . Walk the paths and led to the discovery of Trocaz Pigeon ( Columba Pigeon) , the Wagtail (Motacilla cinerea schmitzi ) , the buzzards (Buteo buteo harterti ) or Zino’s Petrel ( Pterodroma Madeira) . If you opt for a boat ride can also enjoy a large number of seabirds .

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