Funchal – A modern city

Funchal is a Portuguese city on the island of Madeira, the capital of Madeira and the most populous outside the continental Portuguese. The city matches your county, and has 76.15 km ² and 111 892 inhabitants (2011) 1, subdivided into 10 parishes. The metropolitan area of , which includes the municipalities of Câmara de Lobos, Ribeira Brava, Machico and Santa Cruz, has a population of over 225,000 inhabitants.

The city of is modern and cosmopolitan. It is famous for luxury restaurants, the amazing hotels of 4 and 5 stars, the constant mild climate and of course for its most famous export – the international footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. Ie, is known for its style and its content.


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The city is bordered to the north by the municipality of Santana, Machico by northeast, east and west by Santa Cruz by Câmara de Lobos, being bathed by the Atlantic Ocean to the south. João Gonçalves Zarco was that it fell to the captaincy of the city in 1424, the year he began the settlement. The Savage Islands, 250 kilometers south of , belong to this city, having thus territorial discontinuity.

The town itself is set in a magnificent natural amphitheater, facing the Atlantic and contrasting with the towering mountains. Situated on the southern island of Madeira, located in the sunniest coast in the middle of banana plantations and wonderful gardens where flowers emerge throughout the year, housed in lush mountains, town is a fresh and relaxed during the day and with a vibrant nightlife and eclectic.


Funchal – A modern city
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  1. loverdose diesel


    No doubt a very beautiful city, the most beautiful I’ve been. It has lots of green spaces, leisure and sun, too much sun. Has excellent restarantes and many activities, is a young city, cool. Great destination for a vacation for two.

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