Madeira Cake (Bolo de Mel Madeira) Products Traditional food 

Madeira Cake (Bolo de Mel Madeira)

A Madeira cake is a classic butter or sponge cake from British and Irish cookery. It is a traditional treat. This cake is often made with cherries and nuts. It is a traditional snack and goes perfectly with a cup of tea. It is a wonderful way to celebrate the arrival of spring. Bolo de Mel The Bolo de Mel is a traditional cake of Madeira Island. It is a rich and delicious cake made with nuts and soaked in brandy. Its rich flavor will keep you coming back for…

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Poncha is the traditional drink of Madeira Products Featured Traditional food 

Poncha is the traditional drink of Madeira

Poncha is the most traditional drink of Madeira ! That is to say : Who’s going to Madeira and not drink , can not boast that knows truly the pearl of the Atlantic. Although typical county of Câmara de Lobos , the is known and appreciated all over the island . It can be drunk both in summer with ice, as in the winter, because they contain lots of vitamin C. Previously, was made ​​only with brandy cane sugar adding the same amount of water, sugar and lemon peel small enough…

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brisa Products 

Brisa Maracujá awarded

Madeira Products – Brisa Passionfruit The Juice of Brisa Passionfruit – Beer Company of Madeira, was again awarded the Grand Gold Medal by Monde Selection, the oldest and most prestigious independent organization in the field of Quality Selections. This is 13. ª Medal awarded to Brisa Another Great Passion which has a total of 23 medals acquired so far. The ECM has 143 medals awarded by Monde Selection, including 83 Gold and 36 Gold Large, and drinks with most medals are White Coral with 24 medals and 23 medals with Brisa…

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Ribeiro Seco Factory produces honey unique quality Products 

Ribeiro Seco Factory produces honey unique quality

The Mill Ribeiro Seco Factory has the ability to produce sugar syrup sugar- laden knowledge and history.The plant , located at Rua Wonderland in Funchal was founded in 1883 by César Aluísio Bettencourt and would be continued by his son Luis Bettencourt .At first, manufactured brandy. But in 1928 , due to excess production factories to do this , was asked to pass the sugar syrup , which was accepted . Since then until today , the factory is dedicated exclusively to the production of honey and products connected to it…

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Brandy Madeira with Engenhos do Norte Company Products 

Brandy Madeira with Engenhos do Norte Company

Madeira, the picturesque Portuguese archipelago, is not only famous for its breathtaking landscapes but also for its rich culinary heritage. Among its many celebrated products, Brandy Madeira stands out as a symbol of tradition and quality. Engenhos do Norte, a historic distillery, plays a vital role in preserving this legacy. This post will explore the world of Brandy Madeira, focusing on the craftsmanship and heritage upheld by Engenhos do Norte. The Essence of Brandy Madeira Brandy Madeira is a distilled spirit made from sugarcane juice, known for its smooth texture…

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Skewered meat Madeira - Espetada da Madeira Products 

Skewered meat Madeira – Espetada da Madeira

The skewered meat Madeira is probably the best-known dish and consumed at parties and stingrays in the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo. A good kebab defenição of Madeira is basically chunks of beef cut into squares , seasoned with salt , bay leaves and garlic and put into a laurel skewers , which then goes to roast on fire wood. About Skewered meat In the heart of the Atlantic, on the picturesque island of Madeira, a culinary tradition has been tantalizing taste buds for generations. Skewered meat, or “Espetada Madeirense,”…

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Anona da Madeira Products Featured Traditional food 

Anona da Madeira

The Anona is a tropical fruit originating in Peru and Ecuador, which Madeira is grown to a height of 500 meters, the fruiting period from November to January. In Madeira there are two varieties , easily distinguishable by shell; Anona the Lisa , the more appreciated because the shell is thinner , with few seeds , fruit pulp and sweet , common in dry , scaly and Anona , which as its name implies has a thick rind , with many scales , creamy flesh full of seeds , not…

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Madeira passion fruit - O Maracujá da Madeira Products 

Madeira passion fruit – O Maracujá da Madeira

Originating in South America and Central , passion fruit is grown throughout the world , including Asia, Australia , South Africa and Europe , in some areas of the Mediterranean coast . The most cultivated varieties are purple and yellow passion fruit (or Brazilian , as is known to us ) . The first is very aromatic, sweet, slightly acidic whereas the second is less aromatic, more sweet and less sour. The plant is called passion or ” maracujaleiro ” and it is a fast growing vine that lacks a…

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What you eat on the island of Madeira - Traditional dishes of madeiran food Products 

What you eat on the island of Madeira – Traditional dishes of madeiran food

Madeira Island – ‘the pearl of the Atlantic’ – keeps the promise of extraordinary holidays with its magnificent scenery, mild climate, serene ambience, colourful folk traditions and, last but not least, its seductive gastronomy. The local cuisine is based on peasant traditions, and in general terms, the closer you can get to the traditional methods of preparation and cooking, the better it tastes. Although starters are not a high point on the local menus, a hot bolo do caco with garlic butter and parsley, a typical wheat flour bread, appears…

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Blandy's wine Lodge Products 

Blandy’s wine Lodge

Blandy’s wine lodge is a museum housed in a complex of buildings which ran the wine cellars of hardwood timber company, one of the oldest wineries in the center of Funchal. During the visit to the museum are unique artifacts and historical documents that tell the family history blandy and its wines, and the records show some of the many famous visitors who have visited the winery over the years. The tasting takes place in the room “max Romer,” surrounded by beautiful murals of renowned German artist, who portrays the…

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