Poncha is the traditional drink of Madeira 1 PRODUCTS Featured 

Poncha is the traditional drink of Madeira

Poncha is the most traditional drink of Madeira ! That is to say : Who’s going to Madeira and not drink , can not boast that knows truly the pearl of the Atlantic. Although typical county of Câmara de Lobos , the is known and appreciated all over the island . It can be drunk both in summer with ice, as in the winter, because they contain lots of vitamin C. Previously, was made ​​only with brandy cane sugar adding the same amount of water, sugar and lemon peel small enough…

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Gallo d'Oro restaurant Il retains Michelin star 2 Madeira News PRODUCTS Restaurants 

Gallo d’Oro restaurant Il retains Michelin star

Awarded for the first time in 2009, is the very first and only restaurant to receive this differentiation from Madeira so far.Il Gallo d’Oro Restaurant ( The Cliff Bay resort in Funchal), watched again the 7th successive year old its Michelin star at the very influential mention restaurants in the Earth, that the Michelin Guide. The award has been first announced in Marbella (Spain) in the gala presentation of this Michelin Guide Portugal and Spain at 2015. Gallo d’Oro restaurant Launch of book ‘Madeira by Chef Benoît Sinthon‘The publication was…

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brisa Madeira Island News PRODUCTS Restaurants 

Brisa Maracujá awarded

Madeira Products – Brisa Passionfruit Brisa Maracujá awarded The Juice of Brisa Passionfruit – Beer Company of Madeira (ECM), was again awarded the Grand Gold Medal by Monde Selection, the oldest and most prestigious independent organization in the field of Quality Selections. This is 13. ª Medal awarded to Brisa Another Great Passion which has a total of 23 medals acquired so far. The ECM has 143 medals awarded by Monde Selection, including 83 Gold and 36 Gold Large, and drinks with most medals are White Coral with 24 medals and…

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Ribeiro Seco Factory produces honey unique quality 3 LOCALS Madeira Island News PRODUCTS 

Ribeiro Seco Factory produces honey unique quality

The Mill Ribeiro Seco Factory has the ability to produce sugar syrup sugar- laden knowledge and history.The plant , located at Rua Wonderland in Funchal was founded in 1883 by César Aluísio Bettencourt and would be continued by his son Luis Bettencourt .At first, manufactured brandy. But in 1928 , due to excess production factories to do this , was asked to pass the sugar syrup , which was accepted . Since then until today , the factory is dedicated exclusively to the production of honey and products connected to it…

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Madeira Onion Festival 2014 EVENTS Madeira Island News PRODUCTS 

Madeira Onion Festival 2022

Dedicated to the onion, Festa da Cebola is a charming tribute to local farmers and the agriculture produced in Caniço. Madeira Onion Festival Admire artistic arrangements and displays with local flowers and enjoy the parade of tractors and cars decoratively covered with onions. Traditional music, craft stalls and a selection of food and wine ensure this festival is a popular event for all ages. Don’t forget to take home a box of home-grown onions – direct from the farmer! Madeira Onion Festival

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Feast of Anona on Madeira Island - March [year] 5 PRODUCTS 

Feast of Anona on Madeira Island – March 2022

The festival takes place annually in the custard Faial village since 1990, this has several animations.The People’s House of Faial and the Commission of Farmers, organized this event with the partnership of the Regional Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources and the Municipality of Santana, the Regional Exhibition of Anona. The event pays tribute to one of the most appreciated and subtropical fruits grown in the region – Anona an event that you want thus honor the production of this fruit and its derivatives, such as liqueurs, puddings, ice cream…

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Brandy Madeira with Engenhos do Norte Company 6 Madeira Island News PRODUCTS 

Brandy Madeira with Engenhos do Norte Company

The Company  Engenhos do Norte , located in Puerto de la Cruz , Machico parish was acquired by J.Faria in 2013 .This company is the oldest in Portugal in the manufacture of brandy done by cane sugar typical of Madeira . The curiosity is that this device works steam , giving other features into its products .For this year’s production and according to information gathered from the company , the intention is to buy more cane sugar to increase the production of brandy : White , Larano and Aged 970…

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Madeira Regional Custard Apple Exhibition in Santana 7 EVENTS Madeira News PRODUCTS 

Madeira Regional Custard Apple Exhibition in Santana

Event date: 8th and 9th MarchFrom March, 8th to 9th the Faial Community Centre and the Farmers Association promote the Regional Custard Apple Exhibition a project that intends to promote this subtropical fruit and its derivatives, in addition to the recreational side which is characteristic of this kind of event.Held since 1991, this regional exhibition features a varied program full of entertainment activities such as,music and contests, very similar to a traditional Madeiran popular festivity, an event that annually gathers several regional farmers.

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Sale of Madeira Wine grew 8 Madeira Island News PRODUCTS 

Sale of Madeira Wine grew

Madeira Wine sales rose about 2.1 % in 2013 , compared to the same period last year , with a total of 16.8 million euros in turnover. Sale of Madeira Wine grew The figures were released by the Regional Directorate of Statistics , interestingly noted that the regional market was the increase in the order of 17 % , a total of 521,000 liters , corresponding to a turnover of EUR 3.9 million.The most important export market , remains to France, having a million gallons of Madeira wine , valued…

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