Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is in the eastern part of the island near the International Airport and by the sea. It’s a wonderful city with lots of attractions. In the centre of Santa Cruz there is a beautiful historical church; the mother church built in the 16th century.

Across the street you will reach the beach of Palmeiras, a beach of calhau very popular among the locals in the summer. It is equipped with swimming pool for children, Beach Games, vigilantes and First Aid Center. Enjoy a pleasant walk on the promenade flanked by palm trees and the sea.

Do not miss the Aqua Park of Santa Cruz, built in 2004, with fabulous slides and pools and a slow river; a great place for families to have fun for a whole day.


The city of Santa Cruz maintains a peaceful and peaceful atmosphere throughout the year, despite the proximity of air traffic to Santa Catarina airport. This fishing village maintains several Manueline monuments from the first days of the colonization.

In the main square, the center of which is occupied by a beautiful public garden, stands the Church of São Salvador, of 1533. This church is flanked by a bell tower, with pyramidal roof, its interior shows the painted ceiling and houses a metal funerary plate of José Freitas.


The municipality of Santa Cruz, next to Funchal, the capital of Madeira, is a beautiful fishing area characterized by its beaches of calhau, palmeiras, cliffs and horizons overlooking the Desert Islands. Santa Cruz has become the ideal place to visit when looking for relaxation and, more importantly, good restaurants that have even better food.

When it comes to eating in Santa Cruz, there is a lot of versatility in restaurant menus. In fact, many of the restaurants in Santa Cruz offer more than just typical Madeiran dishes. Most of the places to eat in Santa Cruz are in the main villages or tourist areas, close to the hotels. In the areas located off the main roads, it is more likely to find small snack bars and cafes. Some shopping centers also have authentic jewelry to try, so don’t forget to come in! Depending on the area, it is also possible to find restaurants with a wonderful view over the sea, ideal for a romantic dinner.

Eating in Santa Cruz is an obligation for fish lovers

Due to its successful fishing industry, you can be sure that you will find a wide variety of fresh fish types every day in all restaurants in Santa Cruz.

The municipality of Santa Cruz consists of several localities, with Caniço being the largest of them and is full of all kinds of restaurants you can experience. Being a large tourist area, you can find many restaurants that offer take-away Service. This area is simply fantastic for families and you will certainly find a restaurant that will satisfy the taste of both adults and children. The most recommended areas for eating are the Garajau or the gate.

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