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Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is in the eastern part of the island near the International Airport and by the sea. It’s a wonderful city with lots of attractions. In the centre of Santa Cruz there is a beautiful historical church; the mother church built in the 16th century. Across the street you will reach the beach of Palmeiras, a beach of calhau very popular among the locals in the summer. It is equipped with swimming pool for children, Beach Games, vigilantes and First Aid Center. Enjoy a pleasant walk on the promenade…

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Santo Amaro Feast in Santa Cruz 1 Madeira Island News EVENTS 

Santo Amaro Feast in Santa Cruz

Santo Amaro Feast January, 15th This religious festivity marks the occasion when families gather to dismantle their Nativity scenes “lapinhas” and “sweep the larder clean” – a tradition that consists in visiting family and friends to share the last holiday’s delights.“Santo Amaro” is celebrated throughout the entire island of Madeira, but it’s in the municipality of Santa Cruz where this festivity is celebrated in honour of its patron saint, in a particularly festive and ceremonial way, setting the end of the Christmas holidays.

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Madeira Aquapark Excursions 

Madeira Aquapark – Santa Cruz

Madeira Aquapark picture In santa cruz, the wood, the aqua park santa cruz is a fun space overlooking the sea. Directed to the whole family, the water park area includes a radical, water slides, a river fast and a slow, a black hole among other attractions. A restaurant and spaces for events, allow organizing parties. Entry: adults € 7 (from 14:00) 9 € (day); Children: 5 € (from 14:00), € 6 (full day). Free: <4 and> 65 years Ribeira da Boaventura 9100-138 Santa Cruz +351 291 524 412 Bus Line…

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