Taxis Madeira Islands - Most do excursions throughout the islandMadeira Island News 

Taxis Madeira Islands – Most do excursions throughout the island

Taxis are usually recognisable by their yellow colour and two blue stripes along the side. Taxis operating within Funchal also carry a TAXI sign on top. Those operating outside Funchal usually work on a kilometre basis without using a taximeter.
Taxis have an official price list approved by the Regional Government and the Regional Taxi Drivers’ Association with set prices for pre-defined routes. You’ll find it on the back of the driver’s or the front passenger’s seat. However, don’t be afraid to bargain.

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Taxis Madeira Islands - Most do excursions throughout the island 2

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You can get a taxi almost anywhere. Just hail a taxi in the street or go to the nearest taxi rank. Usually you will have to take the first taxi in the queue but if for any reason you find that it doesn’t suit your needs you can choose another one. Imagine the taxi driver doesn’t speak your language. Why shouldn’t you be able to have one that best suits your requirements?

Each taxi usually takes a maximum of four persons and if you take extra luggage with more than 30 kg the driver may levy an extra charge (except for wheelchairs or other equipment for people with disabilities that are free of charge) but this should never exceed 50% of the fare.

Your hotel porter may be able to suggest a driver for an all-day tour. Some are especially knowledgeable about the culture and customs of the island; others are keen walkers. Many of them have attended tourism driver and mountain guide courses to better suit your needs!

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