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Eira do Serrado viewpoint – Curral das Freiras viewpoint

Eira do Sawn Only 25 minutes north of Funchal, visitors will find one of the most famous landscapes of wood that you can admire from the viewpoint of the floor of the sawed at an altitude of 1095m.

At the heart of the island, the view across the central massif and the valley of the corral nuns is breathtaking. For those who enjoy hiking part here a path to the stable of the nuns.

Perched at an altitude of 1095 meters, the Eira do Serrado Viewpoint offers an unparalleled view of the picturesque town of Curral das Freiras, surrounded by the grandeur of Madeira’s characteristic green mountains. Located in the heart of the island, within the mountainous interior of the municipality of Câmara de Lobos, this viewpoint has become one of the most iconic tourist spots on the island of Madeira.

Eira do Serrado

The Journey to the Viewpoint

The journey to the Eira do Serrado Viewpoint is an adventure in itself. Visitors can access this viewpoint via a footpath that begins next to Estalagem da Eira do Serrado. The ascent, though challenging, rewards visitors with breathtaking scenery, where the spotlight is stolen by the sumptuousness of Madeira’s central massif.

A Geological Marvel

Eira do Serrado is an excellent place to observe and appreciate the erosive effect of natural elements that have shaped the island over centuries. Contemplating this mountain massif is like traveling through the thousand-year-old history of this territory suspended in the Atlantic. The valley’s monumental proportions and the flat area where the town of Curral das Freiras lies lend a special charm to the mountainous landscape.

Curral das Freiras: A Hidden Gem

Nestled within the mountainous embrace, the town of Curral das Freiras offers a picturesque profile that adds to the allure of the landscape. Its unique location and stunning surroundings make it a must-visit destination for those exploring Madeira.

A Tourist’s Delight

As one would expect, the Eira do Serrado Viewpoint has become a favorite spot for tourists and locals alike. The unobstructed view of Curral das Freiras, framed by the central mountainous massif of the island, provides a perfect backdrop for photography and quiet contemplation.

The Eira do Serrado Viewpoint is more than just a place to enjoy a beautiful view; it’s a gateway to understanding the geological history, natural beauty, and cultural richness of Madeira. Whether you’re a nature lover, a hiking enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates stunning landscapes, a visit to Eira do Serrado is sure to leave you in awe of Madeira’s majestic beauty.

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