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Ponta do Sol – THE BEST Things to Do

Located on the south coast of the island, Ponta do Sol is currently the seat of the municipality and has about 8,200 inhabitants in its area of 43.3 Km2.
This is considered the hottest County on the island and where the sun shines for more hours.

Economic activity is based on the primary sector, where agriculture stands out, with the predominance of sugarcane and banana production; horticulture and floriculture. The traditional trade and hotel trade are also important. In the municipality there is a plant export company.

In this municipality Ponta do Sol is the Paul da Serra

In this municipality is the Paul da Serra, which is distinguished by being the only plateau existing on the island of Madeira and by being at an altitude of 1500 m.this site has unique natural characteristics due to its extent and location, such as indigenous vegetation nuclei, faunistic species and migratory birds. In the Paul da Serra there are wind turbines that produce electricity in a non-polluting way.

In this locality you can also visit the pier of Ponta do Sol, the lagoon of the Place de Baixo and the Subtropical Floriculture Centre.

This municipality is divided into the parishes of Ponta de Sol, Carhas and Magdalena do Mar.

Ponta do sol
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In Ponta do Sol, the summers are short, warm, arid, and mostly clear; the winters are long, cool, dry, and partly cloudy; and it is windy year round.

The tip of The Sun is a picturesque town, county seat, of Madeira island, famous for its sunny South privileged location, and fertility of the soils, being one of the first regions of Madeira to be populated. It is said that the name was attributed by João Gonçalves Zarco, one of the discoverers of the island of Madeira, when he distinguished on a rock a round shaft with rays that resembled the sun. The locals claim that the name comes from the fact that you can see, on the last rock east of the village, the sunrise and sunset all year round.

The town has a beautiful historical centre, reminiscent of the once beautiful and picturesque tourist resorts, where the Matriz Church and the chapels of São Sebastião and Santo António stand out.

Through the region of Ponta do Sol, you have access to the most beautiful interior of Madeira Island, in unforgettable tours by the ingenious irrigation systems composed of about 2000 km of canals that cross the entire island: the famous Levadas.

Here, we find stunning landscapes in the Levadas of the sugarcane, mill, Nova dos Lhas or Nova da Lombada, which served and serve as a natural reservoir of rainwater, which passes through the rocks, forming several springs used in these irrigation systems over the centuries.

One can also opt for a more “Real” route across the bridge of the Royal PATH, part of the old path made by the monarchy, which connected the village of Ponta do Sol to the Magdalene of the Sea, passing through the Angels.


Ponta do Sol climate

In Ponta do Sol, the climate is warm and temperate. The rain in Ponta do Sol falls mostly in the winter, with relatively little rain in the summer. The climate here is classified as Csa by the Köppen-Geiger system. The temperature here averages 18.7 °C. About 577 mm of precipitation falls annually.

There are several manor houses throughout the region, which attest to the agricultural importance of these soils, which have produced over the centuries, and with the help of the already mentioned irrigation systems, the freshest products of the land.

Things to do in Ponta do Sol

Ponta do Sol is a small fishing town located on the northwest corner of the island of Madeira in Portugal. It is a popular destination for tourists looking for a relaxed, beach-filled holiday in a stunningly beautiful part of the world. With its spectacular views, stunning sunsets and golden beaches, Ponta do Sol is the perfect place to get away from it all and enjoy some quality time with friends and family. Here are some of the best things to do in Ponta do Sol:

Explore the Beaches

Ponta do Sol has some of the best beaches in the world and the perfect way to enjoy them is to take a leisurely stroll along the shoreline. There are plenty of small coves, secluded bays and sandy beaches to explore, so make sure to bring your camera. The golden sand and crystal clear waters make it a great place to relax and sunbathe, as well as snorkel and explore the local marine life.

Go Hiking

There are many trails that wind through the hills around Ponta do Sol, offering spectacular views of the coast and the local wildlife. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even go on a guided hike to the nearby Cabo Girão, the highest sea cliff in Europe.

Visit the Markets

Ponta do Sol is home to some of the best markets in the region. From fresh seafood to handmade crafts, the markets provide a great opportunity to get to know the locals and pick up some unique souvenirs to take home.

ponta do sol
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Enjoy the Nightlife

As the sun goes down, the nightlife in Ponta do Sol comes alive. There are many bars, pubs and clubs to explore, as well as live music performances, making it a great place to party or just relax with a drink in hand.

Take a Boat Trip

Ponta do Sol is home to some of the most beautiful coastal scenery in the world, so what better way to experience it than with a boat trip? There are plenty of operators offering boat trips around the island, ranging from short trips around the bay to all-day excursions to explore the entire coastline.

Enjoy the Local Cuisine

No visit to Ponta do Sol is complete without sampling the local cuisine. From fresh seafood to traditional dishes, the local restaurants offer a variety of delicious dishes to try. Don’t forget to try the local wines too!

These are just some of the many things to do in Ponta do Sol. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing beach holiday or an adventure-filled getaway, Ponta do Sol has something for everyone.

So why not come and explore this beautiful corner of the world?

Ponta do Sol Map


Coordinates32º40’48.35”N 17º06’15.05”W
Area total46.19 km2 (17.83 sq mi)
Elevation34 m (112 ft)
Time zoneUTC±00:00 (WET) – Summer UTC+01:00 (WEST)
Area code291
Municipal holiday8 September
Postal code9360-219
Population 20218,862
Website 1https://www.cm-pontadosol.pt
Website 2https://jf-pontadosol.pt
E-mail[email protected]
Phone(+351) 291 972 106
MunicipalityR. Santo António N.º 5, 9360-219 Ponta do Sol

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