Eira do Serrado LOCALS 

Eira do Serrado viewpoint – Curral das Freiras viewpoint

Eira do Sawn Only 25 minutes north of Funchal, visitors will find one of the most famous landscapes of wood that you can admire from the viewpoint of the floor of the sawed at an altitude of 1095m. At the heart of the island, the view across the central massif and the valley of the corral nuns is breathtaking. For those who enjoy hiking part here a path to the stable of the nuns.  

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Curral das Freiras Excursions LOCALS 

Curral das Freiras – The only place does not see the sea in Madeira

Situated in a deep valley , surrounded by hills , the village of Nun’s Valley is located around 29 kilometers from the headquarters of the Board of Câmara de Lobos , Madeira Island . Their patron saint is Our Lady of Deliverance , celebrated every year on the last Sunday of August . Curral Das Freiras picture Since it was originally a settlement of difficult access , frequented mainly by semi -nomadic herders , it soon created favorable conditions for the refuge not only slaves that there could your letter…

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