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Apolo Restaurant – Funchal

The Apollo is a restaurant and cafe longtime opened in 1945 . With a unique position on the esplanade of the Cathedral, opposite the famous Se Cathedral in the city center , this restaurant was for many years ‘ restaurant entrepreneurs ‘ . Today, The Apollo is a stopping point for relaxed tourists looking for a simple meal or a coffee and a selection of pastries Portuguese during their tours Madeiran capital .

Apolo Restaurant has indoor and outdoor space and is the perfect place to eat and drink while enjoying the world around you . During the high season , especially in the holiday season and year-end , the Cathedral terrace buzzes with live music and entertainment that can be enjoyed from this location.

Apolo Restaurant

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Our room Restaurant with air conditioning has an optimal environment , whether for a business meal or pleasure, but if you prefer and simply delight in a tea or even especially having the pleasure of tasting our unique batch of coffee.

The service offered by our professionals is fast, convenient and considerate, especially if your choice lie in the diversity of our Dishes of the Day In terms of our gastronomic offer is wide and you can select from our A La Carte Menu , consisting , Soups , Starters , Salads , Seafood, Meat and finish your meal in full may opt for our Desserts and Ice Cream.

The flavor of our ” home cooking “, is a truly important asset and we are keen that our customers feel at home . Because you always want to better serve their opinion is taken very seriously by our staff and management.

Customers who attend , consider it the most beautiful of Funchal.

Our terrace , in addition to being located in the heart of the city , opposite the Cathedral , in the center of what is now considered one of the best and largest outdoor shopping centers .

8:00 am to 23:00, you can enjoy your breakfast , lunch or dinner , your coffee and now a tea service .

You can choose our dishes the day , or the à la carte menu and to accompany your meal you have at your disposal our drinks list with suggestions according to your preference . Here you can enjoy part of your day peacefully and in a friendly atmosphere .

Kitchen practical and fast !

The cuisine is based on Apollo’s homemade food and regardless of the combinations that may be what is important is to keep the flavor of the dishes as our grandmothers cooked .

Our food is tasty as well as healthy. In preparing the menus always serve to the use of fresh vegetables and fruit according to their stations .

Customer satisfaction is our foremost concern for any dish created is always thinking the same thing .
In choosing the products we give preference to local products naturally and harvested in your own time .

Homemade pastries

The Apollo has in its cheesecake and custard tart pastry of the references in Madeira . Today and due to increased demand from our customers we are validating new solutions that will experience a higher quality product and a more diversified offer .

Rua Dr. António José de Almeida , 21 – Funchal – Sé
Phone : ( +351 ) 291 220 099

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