Gallo d'Oro restaurant Il retains Michelin star Restaurants 

Gallo d’Oro restaurant Il retains Michelin star

Awarded for the first time in 2009, is the very first and only restaurant to receive this differentiation from Madeira so far.Il Gallo d’Oro Restaurant ( The Cliff Bay resort in Funchal), watched again the 7th successive year old its Michelin star at the very influential mention restaurants in the Earth, that the Michelin Guide. The award has been first announced in Marbella (Spain) in the gala presentation of this Michelin Guide Portugal and Spain at 2015. Gallo d’Oro restaurant Launch of book ‘Madeira by Chef Benoît Sinthon‘The publication was…

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IL Basilico restaurant Funchal Restaurants 

IL Basilico restaurant Funchal

The Italian restaurant Basilico IL was expanded . Situated along the promenade of the Lido , now has a new indoor lounge and outdoor terrace . Nestled in the picturesque city of Funchal, Madeira, IL Basilico Restaurant stands as a beacon of authentic Italian cuisine. With its warm ambiance, extensive menu, and commitment to quality, it offers a dining experience that transcends borders. This post will take you on a culinary journey through IL Basilico, exploring its menu, ambiance, and the unique qualities that make it a must-visit destination for…

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Armazém do Sal Restaurant Restaurants 

Armazém do Sal Restaurant

Nestled in the vibrant culinary landscape of Portugal, Armazém do Sal offers an unforgettable dining experience filled with elegance and inspiration. A destination for those seeking refinement and sophistication at the table, this restaurant is a haven for the senses. In this blog post, we’ll explore the unique offerings of Armazém do Sal, a place where quality can be tasted. Website: Quality You Can Taste! At dinner, Armazém do Sal becomes the chosen spot for those who crave a luxurious dining experience. The gastronomic proposals are a delight for…

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Apolo Restaurant Restaurants 

Apolo Restaurant – Funchal

The Apollo is a restaurant and cafe longtime opened in 1945 . With a unique position on the esplanade of the Cathedral, opposite the famous Se Cathedral in the city center , this restaurant was for many years ‘ restaurant entrepreneurs ‘ . Today, The Apollo is a stopping point for relaxed tourists looking for a simple meal or a coffee and a selection of pastries Portuguese during their tours Madeiran capital . Apolo Restaurant has indoor and outdoor space and is the perfect place to eat and drink while…

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peixe espada Products 

Swordfish Black “Peixe Espada Preto”

In conventional Madeiran delicacies, the black scabbard fish is undoubtedly essentially the most emblematic dish is now necessary in all eating places. This fish, which is in common depths of between 800 m to 1200 m, made ​​of wooden the primary place on the planet to commercially exploit a form of depth. Madeira is home to a variety of fish species, including the Madeira espada fish. This species is found mainly in the coastal waters of Madeira and the Azores and is highly sought after by local restaurants thanks to…

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restaurant Restaurants 

La Vaca Negra – Funchal

The restaurant La Vaca Negra, positioned in Funchal, in Outdated Avenue Assist, 12, opened in April this yr in Funchal. Since then he has been attempting to claim itself by the standard of regional merchandise with which it really works and the differentiation that applies data Argentine. Along with these issues which have guided the work of Andrea Silvana Paveska, an Argentinean married to a Madeiran determined to deal with thematic dinners. The primary version came about on the 14th of this month revolved round exactly and Argentina, with empanadas,…

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