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Madeira Bread traditional “Bolo do Caco”

The Bolo do Caco is a shard wheat bread typical of the area of Madeira that may be discovered each in Madeira and within the island of Porto Santo . It’s consumed as enter , monitoring or as principal dish .

It’s made ​​from flour , yeast, water and salt. With these components a dough is made , it ought to ferment for 3 days. After this era , wafers are shaped with about three inches thick and at the very least one inch in diameter .

Conventional cooking is finished over a basalt stone , correctly heated for the aim, to a temperature scorching . Immediately , you should buy cement boards , which may change the outdated stone in cooking. Is positioned on the stone and is cooked till it has a skinny crust , barely burned.

It’s then turned in order that it’s baked on either side.

Bolo do Caco

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It may be consumed heat, as a meal consumption , buttered garlic soften , and even as principal dish . It is not uncommon for use in making sandwiches based mostly on the Bolo do Caco wreck and numerous fillings , akin to steaks ( nail within the bolo do caco ) , ham , swordfish , octopus , simply to call a couple of.

Bread Dough

The dough for the Bolo do Caco wreck is a mass of bizarre wheat bread made ​​with wheat flour , baker’s yeast ( home made or industrial) , water and salt.
Making baking at residence, that is obtained by mixing somewhat flour with heat water within the portions required to end result a mushy dough .

This mass is left for 1, 2 or three days to ferment , after which it’s utilized by including to the flour.

The ratio is determined by the time should fermentation.
Utilizing the so-called industrial baker’s yeast , it’s used within the proportion of 30 to 50 grams per kilogram of wheat flour.

Made and fermented dough ( you’ll be able to even purchase the bakery ) , divided into balls flatten to kind a wafer with a thickness of three cm and a foot in diameter .
It has a rock too scorching, on which the wafer is positioned .
Depart to prepare dinner and make a skinny crust , however barely burnt .
Turns and let it prepare dinner on the opposite aspect additionally .

Seize now the wafer vertically and rotates up so nicely browned edges .
wreck accompanies the meal or you’ll be able to eat your self heat with simply butter.
It’s important to maintain the prick in pilgrimages .
It’s a situation for good cooking Bolo do Caco wreck the stone is scorching , being heated by any gas and may even be used for this function an bizarre gasoline range.

It’s mentioned that previously basalt stone which was baked the Bolo do Caco wreck.
Immediately they promote the wooden within the houses of building articles , cement boards that change these basalt stones.

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