Madeira Bread traditional “Bolo do Caco”

The Bolo do Caco is a shard wheat bread typical of the region of Madeira that can be found both in Madeira and in the island of Porto Santo . It is consumed as input , monitoring or as main dish .
It is made ​​from flour , yeast, water and salt. With these ingredients a dough is made , it should ferment for three days. After this period , wafers are formed with about 3 inches thick and at least one inch in diameter .

Traditional cooking is done over a basalt stone , properly heated for the purpose, to a temperature hot . Today , you can purchase cement boards , which can replace the old stone in cooking . is placed on the stone and is cooked until it has a thin crust , slightly burned . It is then turned so that it is baked on both sides.

Bolo do Caco

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It can be consumed warm, as a meal intake , buttered garlic melt , or even as main dish . It is common to be used in making sandwiches based on the Bolo do Caco wreck and various fillings , such as steaks ( nail in the bolo do caco ) , ham , swordfish , octopus , just to name a few.

Bread Dough

The dough for the Bolo do Caco wreck is a mass of ordinary wheat bread made ​​with wheat flour , baker’s yeast ( homemade or industrial) , water and salt.
Making baking at home, this is obtained by mixing a little flour with warm water in the quantities required to result a soft dough .
This mass is left for 1, 2 or 3 days to ferment , and then it is used by adding to the flour.
The ratio depends on the time must fermentation.
Using the so-called industrial baker’s yeast , it is used in the proportion of 30 to 50 grams per kilogram of wheat flour.
Made and fermented dough ( you can even buy the bakery ) , divided into balls flatten to form a wafer with a thickness of 3 cm and a foot in diameter .
It has a rock too hot, on which the wafer is placed .
Leave to cook and make a thin crust , but slightly burnt .
Turns and let it cook on the other side also .
Grab now the wafer vertically and rotates up so well browned edges .
wreck accompanies the meal or you can eat yourself warm with just butter.
It is essential to keep the prick in pilgrimages .
It is a condition for good cooking Bolo do Caco wreck the stone is hot , being heated by any fuel and can even be used for this purpose an ordinary gas stove.
It is said that formerly basalt stone which was baked the Bolo do Caco wreck.
Today they sell the wood in the homes of construction articles , cement boards that replace those basalt stones.

Bolo Do Caco

Madeira Bread traditional “Bolo do Caco”
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