Madeira Cake (Bolo de Mel Madeira)Products Traditional food 

Madeira Cake (Bolo de Mel Madeira)

A Madeira cake is a classic butter or sponge cake from British and Irish cookery. It is a traditional treat. This cake is often made with cherries and nuts. It is a traditional snack and goes perfectly with a cup of tea. It is a wonderful way to celebrate the arrival of spring.

Bolo de Mel

The Bolo de Mel is a traditional cake of Madeira Island. It is a rich and delicious cake made with nuts and soaked in brandy. Its rich flavor will keep you coming back for more. It is a great treat for the holidays. The cake is made with almonds, butter, eggs, and sugar.

The Bolo de Mel is an exquisite treat that originated on Madeira, Portugal. Its name means “honey cake” and has been made by islanders for centuries. Traditionally, it is baked during the Christmas season, but the recipe can be made and stored year-round. It even improves with age.

The cake can be made in a single large slice or cut into smaller pieces. It is typically baked for 40-60 minutes at a low heat. After baking, the cake should be covered in greaseproof paper and stored in an airtight recipient. It is typically served with Madeira wine.

Bolo de Mel is an old family recipe that is rich and flavorful. It’s a delightful dessert to share with friends and family. It tastes best after it has rested for three or four days. First, you’ll need a bread-dough. You can purchase a dough at a bakery and wrap it in a towel to make it easier to handle. After that, you’ll need to mix the honey and Madeira wine together.

First, combine the sugar and flour together in a large bowl. Then add the Madeira wine, orange juice, orange zest, and spices. Mix until the dough is smooth and dough no longer sticks to the bowl. After you’ve mixed together all of the ingredients, you’ll need to knead the dough for five minutes.

Honey Cake

Bolo de Mel is a traditional Portuguese snacking cake

Madeira has a certain amount of autonomy, but the island’s culture is still rooted in Portuguese culture. You can find a variety of delicious sweet and savory dishes in the local markets, including Bolo de Mel (a traditional Portuguese snacking cake). You can also purchase Pasteis de Nata (Portuguese Custard Tarts) at any bakery in Funchal. These delicious desserts have a crumbly pastry and caramelised top.

There are many different varieties of this Portuguese snacking cake, but the most traditional version is made of honey and sugarcane syrup. In fact, the word “bolo” literally means “honey cake.” Legend has it that the nuns at the Santa Clara convent came up with the recipe. This dessert keeps for about a year, so the locals start baking new versions early in December, replacing the older ones. This is a traditional part of the end-of-year celebrations on the island.

While most of these desserts are made of milk and eggs, many also contain sugar and cinnamon. The traditional version of this sweet dessert is baked in a terracotta bowl and looks like a giant creme brulee. Alternatively, if you want a slightly savoury snack, try the Torta de Azeitao, a traditional Portuguese snacking cake from Madeira.

The bolo do caco is another classic Madeiran treat. It is made from leftover dough and is often served with a variety of sides. Popular sides include swordfish, steak and octopus. You can enjoy a bolo do caco for breakfast or for snacks throughout the day.

Among the many Portuguese sweets, the Bolo de Mel is a delicious pastry. It has a firm crust with a soft crumb and is a staple of Madeira cuisine. It’s made with wheat, rye, and maize flour, and traditionally contains eggs. It’s a great way to celebrate the rebirth of Christ in the Easter season.

bolo de mel

Bolo de Mel is made with cherries

The traditional cake of the Madeira Islands is called bolo de mel, which means “honey cake.” It is made with honey, almonds, walnuts, cinnamon, and other spices. It is said to be as old as five years, and it is popular throughout the year. Traditionally, people in Madeira will tear off pieces of the cake by hand, as a traditional way to eat it.

While the cake is normally made during the Christmas season, the islanders make it throughout the year. The original recipe will keep for about two weeks if stored in an airtight container. Once prepared, allow the cake to settle before serving it. The recipe can also be adapted to include chocolate or coconut flavour.

Another popular Portuguese cake is the bolo de arroz. It is made with milk, eggs, sugar, and cinnamon. It is baked in a terracotta bowl and is similar to a giant pastel de nata without a pastry crust. Also typical of the island is the queijada, a cake made with cheese, flour, and eggs. It is a popular dessert in pastelarias throughout Portugal.

Madeira is a popular place to sample local cuisine. Food from the island is inexpensive – a meal with wine costs less than EUR30. You can even find cheaper dishes in smaller establishments. A traditional meal on Madeira may include fried bananas, peixe espada (scabbard fish), or bolo de caco (a bolo sandwich).

Madeira’s cuisine is a perfect blend of delicious flavors. For example, espetada, a soft beef skewer grilled over grape wood embers, is a classic dish of the island. It is often eaten with a garlic-butter-topped bolo do caco.

Bolo de Mel is made with sugar

Portuguese honey cake, known locally as Bolo de Mel, is a delicious afternoon snack. Though the recipe is very similar to the one of Madeira, it has a few differences. Madeira cake contains lard and includes more spices. These spices add to the honey’s sweetness and make it very delicious.

Bolo de Mel is one of the oldest desserts in Madeira. It is traditionally made with honey, walnuts, cinnamon and other spices. Originally, molasses was used to make the bolo, which was then stored for up to five years. Today, bolo de mel is a popular dessert on Madeira and is enjoyed throughout the year. The traditional way to enjoy this cake is to tear the pieces off with your hands.

Traditionally, the bolo de Mel is made in December and eaten on the day of Mary’s Immaculate Conception. It can be purchased in a quality bakery, or a special place that specialises in making it. The cake is best eaten with your hands, and goes well with a glass of Madeira wine.

Madeira’s honey cake is made with cane honey. Its origins date back to the days when sugar was made locally. It is a versatile treat that can be baked and stored for weeks. While Madeira honey cake is often associated with Christmas, it is available all year round. The ingredients in the cake are flour, honey, baking powder, oranges, spices, and Madeira wine.


• 2.5 kg of flour ;
• 1 kg of sugar;
• 750 g of lard;
• 500 g butter;
• 25 g of fennel ;
• 50 g of cinnamon ;
• 12 g of clove -India ;
• 12 g of Marigold assume ;
• 1 teaspoon of combined spices ;
• 2 kg of nuts (shell );
• 250g almond kernels ;
• 50g cidrão ;
• 5 tablespoons of baking soda ;
• 250 g of bread dough ;
• 1.eight liters of sugar syrup ( about 2 and a half bottles of molasses ) ;
• 1 cup Madeira wine ;
• four oranges

Preparation Honey Cake:

On the eve of the day they are going to put together the cake , purchase the bread baker in bulk or getting ready the yeast with 250 g of flour , 1 dl of lukewarm water and 10 g of baker’s yeast . Entails the bread (or yeast ) on a serviette after gone by means of flour and let it stand in a heat place in a single day .
The following day, the sieve was beforehand spices steps; are reduce almonds, chopped nuts and cidrão ; bicarbonate dissolved within the wine Madeira; soften the fats in heat honey , is scraped from the bark of oranges and squeeze the juice .

Sift flour and sugar into a big clay bowl , it’s a gap within the center after which lies on the yeast dough , after which might be ” erasing ” the yeast with flour , kneading . When the flour and baking powder are completely combined , start to assemble honey simply heat ( together with fats) and might be crushing .

After getting added all of the honey , be a part of the ready fruit , Madeira wine with soda, juice and zest of oranges and spices . Knead till the dough is indifferent from the basin . Muffles with a material and a blanket and allowed to ferment in heat place at a temperature at all times equal for three to four days. After the dough is split in parts of 250, 500 or 750 g as the scale of the desserts.

Pour these parts of dough into spherical shapes , straight and low and effectively greased and takes to bake in a scorching oven , after having graced the floor with half walnuts, or almonds or items of cidrão .

Wanting , it’s attainable to scale back the quantity of walnuts or different costly components , wherein case the spices are elevated giving rise to a different kind of cake , the cake rotten . The previous are extra flavorful and the second most spicy . As soon as cooked and chilly , wrap in greaseproof paper or cellophane and retailer in containers . These desserts might be stored for an entire yr .

Mandava custom , which nonetheless prevails in some instances , the honey cake was ready on December eight , the day of Our Woman of Conception , to be good on the Christmas celebration this cake is an integral half . It’s on at the present time , December eight , starting preparations for the feast (Christmas ) , and go away the final batch of desserts left over from the earlier yr.

For these causes it’s a day of nice pleasure and bustle .

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