12 cruises Madeira Island at the end of year 2013Madeira Island News 

12 cruises Madeira Island at the end of year 2013

Cruises Madeira – Association of ports of the autonomous region of Madeira advances to the prediction of 11 cruise ships , but the Wood Travel News has strong reasons to think that this number will rise to 12 ships .

So far confirmed are the ships The World , Aurora, AIDAstella , AIDAblu , Balmoral , Braemar , Marco Polo Mein Schiff 1 , Saga Shapphire , MSC Fantasia and Funchal . But the number could rise to 12 ships with the arrival of the Saga Ruby Saga Holidays.O ship has marked the arrival to 7am on January 1 , but the ship can anticipate the range to watch the firework display .

This scenario is not new , as in previous years this same company and the same ship ever held the anticipation of the scale to view the spectacle of the end of the year . The ships going to watch the end of the year , begin to arrive in December 29 The World ‘s Reisiden Sea
The World After the 29th , the Braemar arrives at Funchal on 30 7h.Para by the 1st day of the year , staying in Funchal ships MSC Fantasia , Braemar , Saga Ruby , Mein Schiff 1 , AIDAstella and Balmoral .
For these end of the year , The World of the apartments have already sold in Balmoral and Braemar cabins still some left over to sell . Mein Schiff 1 in just a few cabins with indoor and outdoor window to occupy . In AIDAblu for the year-end cruise all suites more expensive ship has been sold , the same happening with AIDAstella .

Marco Polo on the ship also has already sold almost all cabs . In MSC Fantasia there are still cabins of different categories to sell from outside with window suites with a private balcony . Have we ship the Saga Holidays and Postuscale the scenario is identical to the remaining ships to occupy some cabins .

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