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Museum of Cristiano Ronaldo is inaugurated in Funchal on 15 December 2013

The Museum CR7 , Cristiano Ronaldo , will be inaugurated on Feb. 15 in Funchal . The news was released this morning by Hugo Aveiro , brother of Madeira playmaker at the hotel where he stayed the athlete , the Pestana Casino Park , which is installed in room no . # 419 , overlooking the bay .

Museum of Cristiano Ronaldo

Museum of Cristiano Ronaldo

As the duly reported , was just before 2:00 , the plane in which Cristiano Ronaldo has traveled to the region landed on the runway of the Madeira International Airport . Ronaldo had to accompany him to his son , his mother and some businessmen , and wait by the phone , three vehicles , one of which a van for transportation of trophies for the future museum of the player.

And it was precisely his museum Ronaldo visited this morning , after leaving his mother and son at home. Indeed , the athlete aproveirou to visit that space for roughly 10 to 15 minutes , having been left there now expose some of the trophies from the 15th, the date of opening of the museum , an act which, according to yet assured Hugo Aveiro , Cristiano Ronaldo will be present .

Ronaldo , whose stay in the wood should not last for more than two or three days . travels have recovered from an injury that sidelined him the last two games of his team and two distinctions in the curriculum.
Yesterday, the player received the second consecutive year the premium Di Stefano , with the Spanish newspaper Marca means the best player of the season in the Spanish league .
Already after this ceremony, Cristiano Ronaldo was also distinguished as the best player of last season in the league during the Gala of the Professional Football League.
More than two prizes , of course , the gallery that will appear from the middle of the month can be visited in Funchal.

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