34 Cruises expected in March in Funchal 1 Madeira Island News TRAVEL 

34 Cruises expected in March in Funchal

March will be a month of great movement of cruise ships in Funchal . In total, 34 cruisers , 10 different companies that will scale the jetty Pontinha .The companies that will make stops in Funchal will be the AIDAcruisses that have scales AIDAstella 5 , 4 and 1 AIDAblu AIDAluna , Thomson Holidays , we will have 5 scales liner Thomson Celebration , MSC Cruises , with 4 scales , 2 MSC Armonia , MSC Fantasia and 1 1 MSC Musica , Norwegian Cruise Lines, Norwegian Spirit 3 scales…

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34 Cruises expected in March in Funchal 2 Madeira News 

12 cruises Madeira Island at the end of year 2013

Cruises Madeira – Association of ports of the autonomous region of Madeira advances to the prediction of 11 cruise ships , but the Wood Travel News has strong reasons to think that this number will rise to 12 ships . So far confirmed are the ships The World , Aurora, AIDAstella , AIDAblu , Balmoral , Braemar , Marco Polo Mein Schiff 1 , Saga Shapphire , MSC Fantasia and Funchal . But the number could rise to 12 ships with the arrival of the Saga Ruby Saga Holidays.O ship…

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34 Cruises expected in March in Funchal 3 Madeira News TRAVEL 

MSC Cruises calendar 31 cruises to Madeira

MSC Cruises has strengthened its presence in 15 % at the port of Funchal .Until October 2014 , the port of Funchal will receive 31 cruises , which should bring the island close to 93,000 tourists. Featured in the Madeiran capital will be eight of the twelve ships of fleet , including the Magnificent the 6 October 2013 made ​​the inaugural scale in Funchal . The Diniva part on 8 November to Miami and the Caribbean season , as did the music .The MSC Poesia and Opera are also at…

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