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Casa do Sardinha – Caniçal

The Center Reception House Sardinha is located next to Pier Sardine in Ponta de São Lourenço , Caniçal , at the very end of the path of São Lourenço .


Casa do Sardinha was built on the orders of Manuel Bettencourt Sardinha who , after building the Pier Open in 1905 , sent to build in order to serve you as a place of refuge and vacation .

Passed through generations , in 1996 , his granddaughter , D. Françoise Delput , sold it to the Autonomous Region of Madeira , under the condition of space come to serve the interests of the conservation of natural values ​​of this site .

Since then been working as station Observation and Surveillance by 2009 . But given the high number of visitors and the objective existence of a population even more informed , proactive and able to enjoy , from the point of view of tourism or the economic point of view , in a balanced way with natural assets , in 2010 this space was completely renovated and opened to the public as House Reception Center Sardinha .

Casa do Sardinha

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Business hours

The Center Reception House Sardinha is open to all visitors , with the presence of a Nature Watcher of every day between 10am and 16:30 .
Given the support the Vigilante Nature provides monitoring of groups of visitors or researchers in the protected area , the Centre may be temporarily closed.
So , to make sure the center is open during your visit , contact in advance

Visiting the center

The Center Reception House Sardinha has a permanent exhibition alluding to the Protected Area of São Lourenço .
Also has an information desk and visitor orientation .
We look forward to your visit!

Accompanying interpretive tours and leisure

In São Lourenço visits are made interpretive and recreation along the pedestrian path of Vereda Ponta de São Lourenço , one of the routes with more demand for nature lovers who enjoy visiting Madeira .

This footpath scroll through what was the first piece of land to be sighted during the discovery of the island in 1419 – Ponta de São Lourenço – christened with the same name who Nau brought its discoverer . Starting in the Bay d ‘ Open , accessible through the Regional Road 109 , this path stretches over one that is the most eastern peninsula of the island of Madeira , ending at Cais do Sardinha.

The tour lasts approximately two hours , traveling is about 4 Km is easily accessible and is advised for its implementation throughout the year.


Ponta de São Lourenço is possible to make overnight in own tent and enjoy a quiet evening , enjoying the sounds of nature , which can only be heard in a protected area like this !


The Reception Centre of Casa do Sardinha include a barbecue space that is available to any visitor , since it beforehand .
Gather your friends and come enjoy a different day in Ponta de São Lourenço.

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