Fishes of Madeira - From the sea to the tableProducts 

Fishes of Madeira – From the sea to the table

The island of Madeira is privileged by the ocean that surrounds it and , consequently , for its wealthy fish . The situation of the island made ​​the fish was all the time been a meals of the utmost significance to the locals , being eaten boiled, fried , salted or dried.

Thus , the fish has historically been the staple weight loss program of the coastal parishes of Madeira and Porto Santo , after extending throughout the island .
Highlighting fish consumption on the island , the decrease lessons victual up completely of ” low cost fish ” similar to: “the skipjack and the cat , poor family members cod » in addition to « mackerel, mackerel and tuna ‘ and these most typical on the south coast .

The ” cat ” , in line with Abel Marques boiler , is a species of fish that replaces the cod, the most important shopper within the parish of Câmara de Lobos, therefore being known as this manner additionally .. In regards to the latter , it’s said that within the early twentieth century , it’s troublesome to show on the desk of the households of the North ” cat ” , as a result of there was no point out of this species within the process Fishermen of Ponta Delgada .

Fishes of Madeira

Fishes of Madeira – From the sea to the table

It’s noteworthy that , within the twentieth century , the salemas one other current species , had been widespread on the tables of the inhabitants of the northern coast . Within the metropolis , tuna and black scabbard fish had been broadly utilized in fashionable eating places .

The swordfish , which was offered within the thirties , within the Plaza of fish in Funchal , was ” cheaper , extra considerable and straightforward to move .” It was thus blue fish that prevailing within the weight loss program of island nameless . Presently , the black scabbard fish is an important useful resource exploited within the Madeira Archipelago , the place the principle fishing areas are situated on the south coast of the island . Subsequently , the swordfish is far appreciated for its texture and normally utilized in Madeiran delicacies fillets of marinated sword or sword .

The grouper , snapper , grouper and wrasse fish are essentially the most coveted by folks wealthier and wealthier . Cod, in flip , often called plate poor , was being customary within the Portuguese weight loss program as snack that gave encouragement to staff within the labors of the sphere , earlier than turning into the dish that’s at present explored and conceptualized in the most effective eating places , it’s different fish which have extra forms of preparation .

For fish , particularly in coastal villages are related to drying, curing fish , the usage of fish with the preservation of vinegar ( pickled ) and current the conventional processing situation .
Within the mid -sixties there have been additionally the damselfish , fish , inexperienced trout, lamb and sea bream .

In Ponta Delgada , was additionally standard fishing bream, mullet , bream and the place the harbor was swarming with individuals who purchased the tasty fish , additionally known as fantastic fish , as a result of beforehand solely the wealthiest households consuming this fish . Nevertheless , this website now not may see the sardines and skipjack solely sighted ” as a result of it occurred to tuna what occurred to the sardines’.

It’s evident from the truth that , historically , in Lent , the time when the fish is likely one of the hottest meals for the folks , as it’s at the moment that folks abstain from meat .
Over time, different fish had been rising , notably hake , herring, pecks , the barracuda , the ocean bream , whiting, alfosim the coast, Trevally , swordfish and billfish , cloves, fish – pig, eel , mullet , amongst others . These , though they take , should not as sought by folks of Madeira , as already talked about within the textual content .

The delights of our sea are additionally price noting , as a result of the seafood is vital characteristic in fishing areas that extent , stretches throughout the island , even the eating places . Beforehand , the pebble stone musguentas , ladies went to limpets , and the lads of catapults tridents octopus lurking within the holes the place sea cucumbers appeared hibernate . Many individuals walked to shellfish , and others caught octopus and morays .

Apart from these , there are others : the snails should not very appetizing to have a look at, however scrumptious , the squid ( household octopus ) , shrimp , crabs and even for many who are fan of snails, though much less standard , right here in area.

Fishes of Madeira

Portugal has an ancient relationship with the sea. Its long west coast has always stirred dreams of other worlds. And its coastal villages have always depended on the sea for a living, with local fisherman bringing back from its depths a huge range of species in their nets that were then prepared on land with the alchemy of fire and various seasonings.

After all, Portugal has the best fish in the world! There are few places where you can eat fresh fish in such diversity and with such quality.

Fishes of Madeira

Sword steak with banana

Swordfish is an elongated fish that is available in few places in the world, but is typical of Madeira. It is about 1000 meters deep and despite its little appealing aspect, if you are fish lovers will delight in their taste.

The succulent fillets of swordfish are seasoned with garlic, lemon juice, salt and pepper. The peeled bananas and fish fillets are then dipped in egg and flour and then fried in oil and sprinkled with sprigs of fresh parsley. Served with cooked potatoes, also known locally as “seed”, lettuce and tomato salad.

Fishes of Madeira - From the sea to the table


Visitors to Portugal are often surprised by the popularity of the dried, salted codfish known as bacalhau. It is featured on every restaurant menu and can often be seen hanging up in shop doorways. There is even a section dedicated to bacalhau in the local supermarket. Once you have tasted one of the 365 different recipes that the Portuguese say exist, then you’ll appreciate its popularity!

Such dishes as Bacalhau à Braz, Bacalhau à Zé do Pipo and Bacalhau à Gomes de Sá are staple dishes for both lunch and dinner most days of the week. It’s also the traditional main course during the Portuguese Christmas feast. Not only popular, bacalhau is highly nutritious, containing as much as three times the protein content of any other fish in the sea.

No one in the world knows how to cook bacalhau like the Portuguese. There are said to be 1001 ways to cook it!

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