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Levada do Norte

The Levada do Norte is one of Madeira’s most extensive and versatile levadas, stretching across a significant portion of the island. This levada is known for its accessibility and the variety of landscapes it traverses, making it a favorite among both locals and visitors for leisurely walks, jogging, and experiencing the lush scenery of Madeira.

Levada do Norte Overview

  • Length: The Levada do Norte is one of the longest levadas on the island, covering various distances as it meanders through different municipalities, including Câmara de Lobos, Ribeira Brava, Ponta do Sol, Calheta, and São Vicente.
  • Accessibility: Various sections of the levada are easily accessible, allowing for multiple entry and exit points, which cater to different physical abilities and time constraints.
  • Scenery: As it crosses the southern part of Madeira, the Levada do Norte offers diverse views, including agricultural terraces, native forests, vineyards, and panoramic vistas of the ocean and mountainous landscapes.


  • Agricultural Landscapes: The levada runs through areas of rich agricultural activity, showcasing Madeira’s terraced farming practices and the variety of crops grown on the island.
  • Laurisilva Forest: In certain sections, the levada takes you through parts of the ancient Laurisilva forest, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, highlighting the unique biodiversity of Madeira.
  • Ocean and Mountain Views: The trail offers several spots with breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and the rugged terrain of Madeira, providing excellent photo opportunities.

Tips for the Trail

  • Plan Your Route: Given the levada’s length, plan which section you want to explore based on your interests, physical condition, and available time.
  • Wear Comfortable Shoes: The path can be narrow and uneven in places, so sturdy walking shoes are recommended.
  • Bring Water and Snacks: There are few facilities along the levada, so carry enough water and some snacks.
  • Weather Precautions: The weather in Madeira can change quickly, so bring a waterproof jacket and dress in layers.
Levada do Norte
Levada do Norte 2

Best Time to Visit Levada do Norte

The Levada do Norte can be enjoyed year-round, thanks to Madeira’s mild climate. However, spring (March to May) is particularly beautiful when the flowers are blooming, and the landscape is especially green.

Exploring the Levada do Norte offers a unique way to experience the cultural landscape of Madeira, combining natural beauty with agricultural traditions. Whether you’re seeking a short, leisurely walk or a longer hike to immerse yourself in the island’s scenery, the Levada do Norte provides a versatile and rewarding experience.

Quick details

  • Availability: Check the calendar for availability. 
  • Duration: In total, including transportation this tour takes about 4 hours, being the hiking time around 2 hours.
  • Distance: 6 Km.
  • Highest Point: 560m.
  • Lowest Point: 550m.
  • Location: Campanário.
  • Difficult: Relaxing levada walk.

Trail Details:

  • Distance: 8.9 km
  • Difficulty: Easy, making it accessible for a wide range of hikers.
  • Duration: Approximately 2 to 4 hours.
  • Altitude: The elevation varies minimally, starting at a maximum of 565 m and descending to a minimum of 531 m, ensuring a comfortable walk with little to no strenuous climbing.
  • Terrain: Predominantly regular, with slight variations in height.


  • The trail boasts fantastic views across the parishes of Câmara de Lobos and Campanário, showcasing green fields, meticulously tended plantations, and the charming clusters of local houses and buildings.
  • The path allows hikers to occasionally encounter locals tending to their lands or enjoying a stroll, offering a glimpse into the daily life of Madeira’s residents.
  • It provides a chance to appreciate the diverse fauna and flora along the route, encouraging hikers to take breaks and enjoy the stunning surroundings.
  • This segment of the Levada do Norte starts just below the renowned Cabo Girão, leading walkers towards the Boa Morte area in Ribeira Brava, enveloping them in the natural beauty of the region.


Walking the Levada do Norte from Cabo Girão to Ribeira Brava is an immersive experience, blending breathtaking views with the tranquility of Madeira’s south side. The levada, serving as both a hiking path and an agricultural lifeline, reveals the harmonious balance between Madeira’s natural landscapes and its cultivated terrains.

This trail is an invitation to revitalize through nature, offering an easy yet rewarding trek suitable for any time of year. It’s an ideal choice for those looking to explore the natural beauty of Madeira without embarking on a physically demanding journey.

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