Underwater Nature Madeira Festival [year] Events 

Underwater Nature Madeira Festival 2024

-> This event no longer takes place <- The second edition of the “Underwater Nature Festival” is scheduled for the beginning of next month. This recreational sporting event aims to promote and raise awareness of the Garajau Natural Reserve, a marine reserve of about 376 hectares, situated on the south coast of Madeira, between Lazaretto (Funchal) and Ponta da Oliveira (Caniço de Baixo). As the name indicates, the programme will focus on diving and other sea related activities and on environmental actions carried out in the Reserve. This event integrates…

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Madeira Nature Festival Events 

Madeira Nature Festival

The Madeira Nature Festival ( Festival of Nature ) , is a new event in the calendar of tourist activities , whose first edition was held in October 2011 , and aims to promote tourist activities in the context of nature by encouraging the practice of activities that enable direct contact with the rich natural heritage of Madeira . For a week , the Madeira Nature Festival promotes and celebrates with their visitors what nature has to offer. Both in the hills, and in the air or at sea ,…

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