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Meeting Canyoning Madeira 2024

Clube Naval perform Seixal organizes Meeting Canyoning Madeira.

Meeting Canyoning Madeira is a event organized by the Sailing Club of Seixal and the Mountain Camping Federation of Portugal.
This event has as principal goal promoting Madeira’s tremendous capacity for the practice of the sports activity, and encouraging the discussion and exchange of experiences between practitioners. It includes workshops and lectures open to the participation of people of different nationalities.
During this event, participants have the chance to go through several canyons in various areas most of which are situated in the north and inland portions of tthe island.

Clube Naval do Seixal

Located in the north of Madeira, the Clube Naval do Seixal (CNS) is a non-profit association, founded in 1994, together with the principal statutory purpose, the growth of recreational and sports activities associated with the sea and the mountain from the parish Seixal.
Equipped with its own amenities in the pier Seixal, has roughly 220 members. In sport has 4 segments: Canoeing, Diving, Swimming and Mountain.
Mountain Section, has been set with the purpose of providing its associated nature lovers a normal custom of sport activities linked to this natural paradise arena.

The first would be to conduct walking tours where we all make understood the natural beauty present in our mountains and valleys, taken by many, trails and paths, knowing only a bit more”concealed Madeira.”

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