Diversity Tourism

Madeira Island has not lost his famous charm, just knew tailor your tour to the various strands because tourists (the beach and the night) live peacefully together. The island not only strives to care for the more mature tourists who enjoy long walks in the sun, enjoy the scenery and outdoor dining, as it is also an increasingly attractive destination for young modern Europeans, many of them from the mainland to the island on weekends weekend just to enjoy the festivities and entertainment nightly. Attracts them to ample supply and the fact that, unlike what happens in most European cities, there was virtually crime in the streets, or groups of drunken inadvisable to make some parts of the island. Funchal is a city truly secure – something new tourists, fun-loving, like and respect.

Diversity Tourism

Diversity Tourism picture

Among the many festivities, perhaps the best known is the display of Fireworks Fireworks New Year, the biggest in the world (yes, the world) according to the Guinness Book of Records. The spectacular and colorful Carnival Flower Festival, full of samba and people in costumes themselves, are not. During the month of June, the Festival of the Atlantic, with an International Fireworks Fireworks that takes place every Saturday, will impress you.

Tourism diversity

Christmas is a fantastic time, full of fantasy, with lights and festive decorations that light up the entire city and the night sky. The urban center becomes in Wonderland and the lights flashing, accompanying hilly streets, Funchal glimpse of stars as if they were.

Tourism Diversity

Diversity Tourism
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