Armazém do Sal Restaurant is preferred in Funchal - TripAdvisor 1Restaurants 

Armazém do Sal Restaurant is preferred in Funchal – TripAdvisor

The Armazém do Sal Restaurant occupies about a year and a half ago the first position of the best restaurants in the city of Funchal in what is considered the best international travel portal , TripAdvisor . The soul of the building , the quality of cuisine and service and dedication are the ingredients to be the mouths of the world .

Armazém do Sal Restaurant

Funchal opened in June 2007 in an old building in the city’s Street Customs whose moth was maintained . But they gained a new soul after the first investments, which have continued to this day to always adapt to new realities . Besides being an old salt warehouse , in recent years has been an area for storing furniture .

Carlos Caires , managing partner of the firm, points out that the restoration of the building was made with minimal intervention in the structural part . A prominent concern in the restaurant that occupies about a year, first in the list of preferences in Funchal international travel portal TripAdvisor .

In the early years , was a typical Madeiran restaurant. However , the entrepreneur born in Madeira , but who worked many years in Canada , confided that , due to the crisis , had to redirect the focus back towards more business for tourism .
By this point , began to emerge in the recommendations of the international media . Even at unsuspecting New York Times .
Stresses that highlights data by the world press were always the best . Hence say that it was with some naturalness that came to occupy the leadership preferences of restaurants in Funchal since about a year and a half in that travel portal .

However , emphasized that there was a lot of work and effort to reach this level , including HACCP certification and ongoing training of staff working in the company . He said that now, to keep it at that level , the requirement is emphasized .
Makes it clear that you want to provide a total experience , including good food, friendly but professional service , good atmosphere and animation environment nightly. And the recipe has confided that result because , every year , has increased the number of customers and also the turnover . ‘ It has been a growing progression ,’ stressed adding that he likes to take a step higher than the last .
‘ We give an extraordinary quality with the most local products as possible. It confecionada regional cuisine in a contemporary way “, emphasized businessman said to be where the Armazém do Sal Restaurant makes the difference .

Moreover , we have noted a major concern in providing healthy cuisine , an example like that and brought from Canada, when he returned to Madeira for about 10 years. So have no doubt that customers always feel well after the simple and healthy food restaurant .
Made it clear that it has a very wide menu , not precisely to disperse .
Reported that the average price of a restaurant meal is 35 € , to include starter, main course and dessert , and wine also .
Nevertheless , for lunch , especially to attract the locals , has created a menu with main course always 7.95 € . “It is an incentive for the locals not to forget the Armazém do Sal Restaurant ,” he said .

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