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skewered meat Madeira – Espetada da Madeira

The skewered meat Madeira is probably the best-known dish and consumed at parties and stingrays in the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo . A good kebab defenição of Madeira is basically chunks of beef cut into squares , seasoned with salt , bay leaves and garlic and put into a laurel skewers , which then goes to roast on fire wood .

skewered meat Madeiraskewered meat Madeira

The skewered meat to the famous Madeira should be tender , rather Acém or blank, rump or fillet , juicy or greasy , best known for meat and flower. Should be cut into cubes or parallelepipeds of about 3.5 cm to 5 cm .
With the burning ember made ​​of meat to be prepared at ambient temperature in order to better grilling and release their flavor even more . Must be tempered only by the time the coals are ready , adding her own crushed garlic with the peel and bay cut into small pieces , involving well . Immediately afterwards joins the salt, thicker , leading to sticking to the coals on spits , preferably a laurel , not allowing time for the salt melt.

skewered meat Madeira
With the coal fire in color and at a distance of 10 cm from sticking , so as not to let pass over the meat and maintain all its quality and taste to each wheel skewer gradually until each piece of meat get auburn tone and appetizing . In stingrays and traditional festivals , usually accompanied with cake wreck and dry wine .

skewered meat Madeira
Besides the stingrays , about 90 % of the restaurants have this dish on their menus , so you can easily try this delicacy exclusively Madeira .
Come experience the sting and see the delight that is .

skewered meat Madeira

Skewered Meat Madeira


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