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Porto Moniz in Madeira Island

The Porto Moniz region, which is located in the northern part of the island of Madeira.

Measures 8040 hectares and contains a population of around 2927 (Statistics 2001) inhabitants living in four wards: Porto Moniz, Achadas da Cruz, Ribeira da Janela and Seixal.

In the initial example of Madeira’s discovery, this settlement was baptized by Lugar da Ponta do Tristão. The river bank is known as Janela da Clara and the upper yard, which lies between Sítio dos Lamaceiros and Achadas da Cruz, is called Ponta do Tristão.

Porto Moniz natural swimming pools

The Porto Moniz Natural Swimming Pools are a series of rock-walled pools located on the north-western coast of Madeira Island, Portugal. The pools are filled with sea water and are surrounded by volcanic rocks and lush vegetation.

The pools are separated from the Atlantic Ocean by a natural wall of lava rocks which have been naturally eroded by the sea. Visitors can access the pools by a tunnel or by stairs that lead to a small beach located at the pools.

The pools are a popular tourist attraction and are known for their crystal-clear waters, which offer stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. They are also a popular spot for swimming, snorkeling, and diving.

porto moniz

The aristocrat of the Algarve married the Lady of Filipa da Câmara, the granddaughter of João Gonçalves Zarco responsible for the settlement at Porto Moniz, which began at the end of the 16th century. Right today Francisco Moniz founded the Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Conceição, around the time the settlement was growing.

Based on historical data, Francisco Moniz was among the first many residents to benefit from rationing of property, inherited from his father, João Lourenço.

Porto Moniz is probably among the oldest parishes in the north of the island

It was originally part of the municipality of Machico, both to the parish opposite from the north coast. With the height of São Vicente to the city in 1744, PortoMoniz rose to become part of the new city.

porto moniz madeira picture

On 31 October 1835, throughout the Rule of Maria II standards, the PortoMoniz area was elevated to the area, framed by the settlements of Seixal, Ribeira da Janela, Achadas da Cruz and Ponta do Pargo. However, in 1871, along with the expansion of Ponta do Pargo by local Calheta, Porto Moniz was reduced to 4 areas.

Porto Moniz natural swimming pools

The Porto Moniz Natural Swimming Pools are a series of natural rock pools located in the northwestern part of Madeira Island, Portugal. The pools are naturally formed from the volcanic rocks of the island. They are filled with seawater from the Atlantic Ocean and are surrounded by lush vegetation. These pools are a popular tourist attraction and are one of the most photographed spots in Madeira. The pools provide visitors with a safe and enjoyable swimming experience. There are also a few restaurants and cafes located nearby.

Porto Moniz survives through every single flaw through facts as a place

Therefore, according to important data, it was restored and included three successive events: in 1849 it was extinguished to be revived in 1855; after twelve years, in 1867, it was once again captured near Câmara de Lobos and Santana, to be rebuilt in 1871; finally, in 1895, it was moistened one last time and reinstalled three years later, conclusively on February 13, 1898.

Initially, pilgrims dedicated themselves to raising dairy cows, wheat conventions and wood extraction. During the eighteenth century, an important exercise was the maintenance of wine and after the development of potatoes, which in the nineteenth century turned into buildings and food.

At present, the district presents a diverse financial framework, which besides being a major segment, has a remarkable increase in this holiday area, especially the dining and resort areas.

Without doubt, the possibility of regencies in the archipelago with additional tourists is possible, showing off great, unparalleled greatness scenes and many focal points on vacation.

Natural swimming pool and Lava Pool in Porto Moniz

Porto Moniz is proud of its primitive and architectonic tradition, with its temples such as the 17th century Mother Church, not forgetting the Santa Maria Madalena Church, as well as the São João Baptista Fort which houses the aquarium era. of Madeira.

The pure heritage offers distinctive places, using a distinctive name, in the location where an individual can enter the famous “Levadas” of Madeira which find the excellent Laurissilva

Florest, listed by UNESCO World Heritage, met over the centuries to grow its rainwater. use for a way to irrigate this dangerously difficult aid. Inside the Proto Moniz Square, a person can enter a range of Levadas, for example from Ribeira da Janela, Cedros and even the 25 types of Fonts, which allows to distinguish the contact seconds with the character.

Porto Moniz in Madeira Island

Porto Moniz Beaches

  • Praia da Ribeira da Janela beach

This seafront is a magnificence. The sea is calm and acidic, the entrance is pleasant – in common with the disabled – and there are a number of volcanic stone formations off the coast. Showers, parking and a lifeguard throughout the peak season, as well as a nearby campsite and drifting itineraries help to make it the ideal center for tourists and the most remote.

  • Praia da Laje beach

Along the pebble coastline that you stumble as you enter the village of Seixal, you will find a black sand coastline, Praia p Laje – also known as Jamaica. This boomerang-shaped black sand bay offers excellent facilities as well as indoor and outdoor showers and a small restaurant. The entrance is really simple because you can find ramps and there are lifeguards in active cases.

  • Natural swimming pool and Lava Pool

There are two pure pools, each located on the seafront of the Porto Moniz villa and filled with pure and contemporary sea water from the Atlantic Ocean. Guests are likely to get lost between the two as they are about 350 m from each other.

  • The Natural Swimming Pool

The pure pool, though filled with contemporary seawater, is artificial. They are spacious and their entrance is built taking into account the elderly and people with reduced mobility. Regardless of the fact that they are artificial and in search of trends, the pools are surrounded by pure volcanic rocks.

  • The Lava Pools

Regardless of the fact that there is no lifeguard, these generally framed magma sea pools represent the type of rest you could not get in any lavish spa. It is completely pure and a staircase has been created to allow a simple passage in the pool. This magma maze of swimming pools is a delight to explore above and below the water, and therefore, does not fail to communicate your own safety glasses. It is definitely worth a visit because you do not expect to float, no matter how much you see, you can change your thinking. It could be harmful, so do it well.

The location: east side of the coast of Porto Moniz, rue de Forte, São João Baptista. Near the aquarium and only under the Cachalote restaurant. Another landmark is Ilheu Mole Islet, located at the edge of the saltwater pools.


porto moniz teleferico

Teleférico Achadas da Cruz (cable car)

How are you doing with heights? In 2004, with the opening of the cable car, there was an answer to the problem of connecting the town of Achadas da Cruz, 575 meters above sea level, with the fertile farmland on the coast.

I forged your attention from incredible views of the property under the cliff, although when you’re only afraid, be careful: the automatic cable cable can be quite thin. Also, be respectful: most villagers and farmers send creations that involve fields and homes. Alternatively, you will have the ability to walk through the four.5 campuses to the bottom and receive a return encounter.

Natural sea pools

On the coast of the city, you can see the intricate possibility of sculpting the sea in naturally designed sea pools. Right here, lava stone is sprayed that involves a system of waterways and small pools with concrete foundations, which makes them the best for the summer bath. There are two swimming pool units along the coast divided by a 500-meter promenade full of bars and cafes. Although the thickness relies on the wave, throughout the peak season the house is valued for sunbathing, so arrive early.

porto moniz aquarium

Aquarium of Madeira

The former Fort of São João Baptista was accustomed to facing the roar and shooting of sea turtles; rather the opposite today is a ‘Planet of Silence’, an aquarium that includes the oceanic biodiversity of Madeira in all its splendor.

And you can also sit on tank side chairs to perform multiple tasks on the free flow of underwater life.

The modernized interior of the former fort’s shell also includes a laboratory, souvenir shop, exhibition, cafeteria, library and bar. Ideal for a rainy day and also for families with children.

Vereda da Ribeira da Janela

Trail PR 15 – Vereda da Ribeira da Janela

This walk accelerates the path of a classic path used by local people to bring wood to the forests. The overall design is downhill.

It starts in the neighborhood until Highway 209, in the False Curral area, also ends on an identical highway in the payment of Ribeira da Janela.

In this way, the remains of the oldest road used by the natives to bring wood to the forest, which has been essential for their daily lives, are accelerated. It was also the way the natives transported them with settlements around the south side of this island, basically Calheta and Ponta do Sol. Young and vigorous men climbed up the slopes of the hill, with their backs full of buckets or stuffed goat skins with sweets to sell in addition to exchanging for various products.

Levada dos Cedros

Levada dos Cedros (Trail PBTT 2)

Starting in the hot springs of Lombo, Cedro performs at a height of 1000 meters, in this way it stinks through its unadulterated world heritage forests throughout Laurissilva. You can see the water through a subtropical wood land of Tilo wood (Ocotea foetens), lilyofthevalley (Clethra foetens), shrubs (Laurus azorica), Madeira Mahogany (Persea indica) and Madeira Blueberry (Vaccinium padifolium). For all this, Tilo wood dates as fast as extra once the island was found.

Levada do Moinho

Levada do Moinho (Trail PR 07)

This opinion is a bit longer despite how a horizontal exterior decoration. You start with a challenging journey, you will immediately end up drifting near the trench throughout the wooden land. Sometimes, that the waterway separates from the tributaries, therefore, be skeptical of staying vigilant: one side of the truth is that you like to travel to the motivation behind getting lost.

Atonement measure, to prevail in your escape area of ​​Junquier, you must meet in your being so fortunately. In addition, you will go beyond the ruinous beyond a hole in Pico Alto (altogether, two teenagers with vomiting may need water without significant movement sporadically). Moinho was regularly called the “Conventional Levada”, as a result a large part of the domain around Pico Alto is irrigated.

Canyoning in Porto Moniz


To get a completely different perspective on the multi-layered volcanic landscape that makes up Porto Moniz and Madeira, I would try canyoning. Together with the activities related to climbing, rappelling, swimming and the walking pool, this is a particularly demanding physiological strategy to detect hidden caves, stone pools and trails, and you must be in good condition to be able to do it. That does not mean that you cannot prove it if you have not done it before; There are teachers and corporations accessible to follow and help you.

Among the canyoning routes are:

Ribeira do Inferno
Location: São Vicente / Seixal
Altitude: at start – 640 metres; at end – 50 metres
Time for descent: 4.5 – 5.0 hours

Ribeira da Hortelã
Location: Chão da Ribeira – Seixal
Altitude: at start – 742 metres; at end – 495 metres
Time for descent: 4.0 – 4.5 hours

Ribeira de Seixal
Location: Seixal
Altitude: at start – 960 metres; at end – 500 metres
Time for descent: 4.5 – 5.0 hour

Porto Moniz Camping


The website of Porto Moniz tents is located at the mouth of Ribeira da Janela. Located in one of those key and dazzling regions of the north coast of Madeira, it is one of the best regions of tents in Madeira for beach fans.

20 minutes away, it is one of the most magnificent coasts in the world “The swimming pools, a paradise of clean water by means of volcanic stone with superior views of the northeast coast.

Even a 10-minute drive from Seixal Village, you can see the spotless pools along with a black area facing the beach on the ground, surrounded by the inexperience of this forest that might surprise you.

More info: http://www.madeiracamping.com/porto-moniz/

Porto Moniz Restaurants


You don’t must journey removed from the principle sights to a pleasant meal or a chew to eat.

Restaurante Polo Norte

Grilled meat and fish in Portugal and Madeira are the afternoon orders in this beautiful restaurant. An elaborate menu attracts and comprises many specialties along with native trout stuffed with ham, mussels, octopus and kebab with native meat. For your money of $ 15 – $ 20 – you can also have the ability to take solar energy in an outdoor patio overlooking the freshwater sea.

Where:  Rua dos Emigrantes, 9270-095 PortoMoniz
Opening times: 12:00 – 22:00 every day
Telephone: (+351) 291 853 322

Restaurante Orca

Magnificent views over the open ocean and the pure swimming pools. Specialities together with tomato soup with black swordfish and tuna steak. The common value is €13.

Address: Sea front Porto Moniz, 9270 PortoMoniz
Telephone: (+351) 291 850 000

Restaurante O Cachalote

So, the sperm whale means ‘sperm whale’, although this restaurant focuses on Madeira fish, ” there are none of those monsters that became famous in their name in this menu. You can enjoy indigenous specialties and fish with this simple restaurant located on some rocks overlooking the coast of Porto Moniz, and also the lava pools. A popular is modern barnacles with rice ‘arros de lapas’.

Address: Rua Forte de São João Batista, 9270 PortoMoniz
Opening hours: every day for lunch 12:00- 18:00
Telephone: (+351) 291 853 180




geral: 291 850 180
Natural pools: 291 850 190
Parish PortoMoniz: 291 853 153
Center of Living Science: 291 854 274
Aquarium: 291 850 340
Cable Car: 291 852 951
Campsite: 291 853 856

Area: 21 km²
Population: 1 668 inhabitants (2011 Census)
Population Density: 81,0 inhabitants/km²

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