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Paul do Mar – Quiet seaside

Once , many years , have a single access , where there was an obligation to go back and forth , the village of Paul do Mar now enjoys over another . Thus , get this dirt floor planted by the sea is easy and affordable . No longer its people emigrate in search of a better life .

The parish is distinguished from the others on the island due to its characteristics : the extent of land that borders the sea of ​​perfect waves for surfing. Located southwest of the island of Madeira . It occupies an area of ​​1700 m2 .

The fact that a considerable part of the parish be constituted by a rather flat fajã just have to give the name to the locality : Paul do Mar. join this fact , some say it would fit the description further de Paul , if there were a wetlands existed , that the waters coming from the high surrounding rocks or the sea for some point further down the beach, transformed into a kind of swamp or marsh . In fact , there were times when the sea burst its banks and seized land .

Paul do Mar

But so were other times that the strength of the man caught .
Today , Paul do Mar is a completely different parish . Has evolved with the arrival of the new road .

Offers a luxurious quality and modern infrastructure that make the visit more or less lengthy , enjoyable.
The Paul do Mar stands out because it constitutes an important fishing center , whose product of toil enrique local restaurants .

In addition , Paul do Mar , alongside the neighboring sea garden, is a privileged stage for surfers who can challenge the waves there that constantly draw , considered by some the best in Europe .

The parish is composed of five sites : the Quebrada , where is the pier and the seat of the Parish Council , the Church , where the parish church ; Lagoon , where the school is located basic Paul do Mar , Serra da Cruz , where there is local crafts , hand-painted tiles , and where to find the bust of Dr. João Maurício Abreu Santos , and even the Ribeira das Galinhas.

The settlement has occurred around the year 1676, standing out among the others , the name of John Anes de Couto Cardoso .
Among economic activities , agriculture stands , particularly the banana eab , among other products , the baking industry , trade and services , and hotels and catering.

According to the 2001 Census , the village of Paul do Mar has about 900 inhabitants .
The parish has average temperatures are around 20-25 degrees in the summer , with very low humidity .


From Funchal, take the freeway between towards Funchal – Ribeira Brava . The output is in Ribeira Brava .
Should follow the signs to the Paul do Mar and Calheta , which is more forward , towards the western end of the island of Madeira .


Brief history of Paul do Mar

The peopling of Paul do Mar occurred around 1676, highlighting John Anes de Couto Cardoso which undertook to populate and cultivate Paúl and the Sea Garden Ordered here a chapel in honor of Santo Amaro , which was destroyed in twentieth century to make way for the present church .
Economically , in Paul do Mar existed factories mass , canning , tiles , plantations of cane sugar and salt . In the early twentieth century this was a parish self -sufficient .


Lapa Festival – Paul do Mar

The Festa da Lapa is a popular annual event that takes place in the picturesque harbor of Paul do Mar. It is one of the most famous local festivals, extends for 3 nights and it is packed with entertainment, concerts, traditional dishes and, of course, fresh grilled limpets accompanied with beer.


Praia da Ribeira das Galinhas

Located at the west end of the parish of Paul do Mar is the ideal beach for those looking for a peaceful and enjoyable . With good conditions for sunbathing, this beach has the advantage of never being too full . It is much appreciated by those who like diving and fishing . It has no infrastructure support but within walking distance there are two bars which can be tasted typical specialties .


Traditional plate – Rice Lapas

1 Clove garlic , chopped ;
1 onion , chopped ;
Butter to taste ;
Olive oil to taste ;
Salt to taste ;
limpets ;
1 cube maggi chicken ;
2 cups of water.

In a pan pour the olive oil, butter, limpets , onion , garlic , salt and maggi cube . When butter is melted , stir a little from time to time . Then pour two cups of rice and stir from time to time ever , then pour the 4 cups of boiled water . Boil and stir occasionally until no water, then turns off the stove .


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