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Downtown Funchal City Tour

Explore Funchal´s city centre and the best it has to offer with tips from us!

Downtown Funchal City Tour

Port of Funchal

Cruise port located near the city centre

Praça do Mar

Praça do Mar (public square), inaugurated on October 7th 2011, runs along the Avenida de Sá Carneiro, stretching from the port all the way to the Funchal Marina. This infrastructure has majorly improved Funchal´s downtown core and is not just considered a place of gathering and leisure but as a gate to Funchal´s city centre.

Teatro Baltazar Dias

A neoclassical theatre built in the late XIX century by architect Tomás Augusto Soler.

Jardim Municipal

The Municipal Garden, also known as the Dona Amélia Garden (named after the late Queen),is located right in the heart of downtown Funchal.

The Madeira Wine Museum

The Núcleo Museológico da Madeira dedicates itself to the tradition, culture and history of Madeira wine and is one of the oldest wine cellars in Funchal. Definitely a “must-see” on your visit to Funchal.

The Golden Gate Café

Located in the historical centre of Funchal this café is a popular meeting space among locals and tourists. People from all around the world gather at this XIX Century inspired café and restaurant to drink an expresso or chit chat over a fantastic meal.

The Sé Cathedral

Sé is the abbreviation for Sedes Episcopalis (Episcopal Headquarters).  Construction of the Sé Cathedral began in 1493 by order of, and, on land donated by King Manuel I. Completed in 1514 the Sé Cathedral was consecrated in 1517 by Bishop Duarte as the spire of the bell tower and a few additional details were finalized in 1517-1518.

Bazar do Povo

The Bazar do Povo is an emblematic department store built decades ago in the heart of downtown Funchal . It has been virtually untouched over the years maintaining its original exterior.

Rua Dr. Fernão Ornelas

One of Funchal´s main shopping streets lined with shops that offer virtually anything that you may be searching for.  Rua Fernão Ornelas recently received a colourful face-lift in attempt to bring back to life the vivacity of this wonderful street.

The Farmers Market – “Mercado dos Lavradores”

Located in the heart of old town Funchal, the “Mercado dos Lavradores” (Farmer´s Market) is a place that overflows colour, aroma, sound and tradition. Inaugurated in 1940, the “Mercado dos Lavradores” was built to provide the island´s inhabitants with a central location to buy and sell local products.

Madeira Story Centre

Forget the old, dusty, “do not touch” museums, Madeira Story Centre sparks interest in all its visitors. Once an old movie theatre in old town Funchal, the Madeira story Centre is a modern, interactive museum that allows you to learn more about the archipelago of Madeira through looking, touching and hearing.

Old Town Funchal´s “Arte de Portas Abertas”

“Arte de Portas Abertas” is a public art program that aims in transforming Funchal´s Old town into a permanent outdoor art gallery by displaying over 200 works of art, by guest artists, painted on the doors of Rua de Santa Maria. This colourful project is an attempt to revitalize this part of town and make it more culturally significant for both locals and tourists.

The Monte Cable Car

If you are not yet tired and wish to continue on your Funchal adventure, then why not take a trip up to Monte by cable car?

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