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Brandy Madeira with Engenhos do Norte Company

The Company  Engenhos do Norte , located in Puerto de la Cruz , Machico parish was acquired by J.Faria in 2013 .
This company is the oldest in Portugal in the manufacture of brandy done by cane sugar typical of Madeira . The curiosity is that this device works steam , giving other features into its products .
For this year’s production and according to information gathered from the company , the intention is to buy more cane sugar to increase the production of brandy : White , Larano and Aged 970 (reserve ) .

Brandy Madeira
The Company of North Mills employs the highlights of processing 16 people , whereas in the rest of the year , has five full-time staff in the plant that can and is visited throughout the year by local and foreign . Therefore, in order to allow the experience that the factory produces , has a store of evidence not only of the spirits but also other products J.Faria , namely liqueurs , the latter made ​​another plant of the company J.Faria .

Brandy Madeira

Brandy Madeira

Besides the improvement in production , since it was purchased , the manufacturing unit is to be retrieved . In historical terms , we can say that the unit went into operation in 1927 and is a property of municipal interest .
The building has a rectangular plan and was built in basalt masonry with lime mortar .
The West found a large door , and on the north side , there is a chimney is 26 meters high, which has the traditional cylindrical shape , built in red brick .

Brandy Madeira

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  1. Steve Craven

    Is it possible to visit and view the brandy manufacturing process please.
    I am in Madeira from May 5-19.
    Thanks presentes online

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