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Diocese of Funchal celebrates 500 years – Religion

The Diocese of Funchal was created on June 12th, 1514, by Papal Bull Pro excellenti præeminentia of Pope Leo X, after Funchal was granted city status by Manuel I, King of Portugal, in 1508. The recently created diocese was placed under the auspices of the archdiocese of Lisbon. Diocese of Funchal Nineteen years later, on the 31st of January 1533, it was raised to the dignified status of archdiocese, making it for the following twenty two years the largest metropolitan archdiocese in the world, having jurisdiction over the dioceses of…

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Underwater Nature Madeira Festival II 1 EVENTS LOCALS Madeira Island News 

Underwater Nature Madeira Festival II

2nd to 7th June The second edition of the “Underwater Nature Festival” is scheduled for the beginning of next month. This recreational sporting event aims to promote and raise awareness of the Garajau Natural Reserve, a marine reserve of about 376 hectares, situated on the south coast of Madeira, between Lazaretto (Funchal) and Ponta da Oliveira (Caniço de Baixo). Underwater Nature Madeira Festival   As the name indicates, the programme will focus on diving and other sea related activities and on environmental actions carried out in the Reserve. This event…

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Sailing week madeira 2014 EVENTS LOCALS Madeira News 

Sailing week madeira

JULY 26 th – JULY 31 st JULY 31 st – AUGUST 5 th AUGUST 5 th – AUGUST 10 th Sailing week madeira ONE WEEK IN A PRIVATE SAILBOAT TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THE SUN, THE SEA AND EXCLUSIVE PARTIES IN WHITE SAND BEACHES. COME ON BOARD AND ENJOY AN UNFORGETTABLE ADVENTURE IN UNIQUE SCENARIOS OF MAGNIFICENT BEAUTY IN THE ISLE OF MADEIRA AND PORTO SANTO! Dive in crystalline waters, dance on the beach with your feet touching the sand and watch the sunset or sunbathe in the privacy of…

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Desertas islands Madeira declared a protected area 2 LOCALS Madeira News 

Desertas islands Madeira declared a protected area

The Council of Europe has announced that the Desertas islands are to be declared a ³Protected Area², thus acknowledging the importance of the work that has been done in this Natural Reserve for over 25 years. Various areas of interest were assessed at a meeting of experts on the European Diploma of Protected Areas, held in Strasbourg this weekend. Desertas islands This area of the Madeira Natural Park was selected by them, as its exceptional natural heritage is managed in an exemplary manner in pursuit of the conservation of biodiversity…

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Ribeiro Seco Factory produces honey unique quality 3 LOCALS Madeira Island News PRODUCTS 

Ribeiro Seco Factory produces honey unique quality

The Mill Ribeiro Seco Factory has the ability to produce sugar syrup sugar- laden knowledge and history. The plant , located at Rua Wonderland in Funchal was founded in 1883 by César Aluísio Bettencourt and would be continued by his son Luis Bettencourt . At first, manufactured brandy. But in 1928 , due to excess production factories to do this , was asked to pass the sugar syrup , which was accepted . Since then until today , the factory is dedicated exclusively to the production of honey and products connected…

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Festas da Sé – Funchal

May 25 to June 2 The streets surrounding the Funchal Cathedral come alive at the end of May during the Festas da Sé – a typical Madeiran arraial (street party). Festas da Sé Local restaurants in Rua de João Tavira, Rua do Bispo, Rua da Queimada de Cima, Rua da Queimada de Baixo and Rua dos Ferreiros feature special traditional menus and offer a wide selection of local food and wine. The streets are beautifully decorated for the occasion and entertainment includes music from singing groups and brass bands. Festas…

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Madeira Regional Meeting of Philharmonic Bands EVENTS LOCALS Madeira News 

Madeira Regional Meeting of Philharmonic Bands

Event 2014 May 11 – Ribeira Brava Ribeira Brava municipal council, in partnership with the Madeira Cultural Affairs Department (DRAC) and the Madeira Philharmonic Bands Association, organises this cultural initiative annually – a public recognition of regional philharmonic bands. Madeira Regional Meeting of Philharmonic Bands The Madeira’s Regional Meeting of Philharmonic Bands is a festival held every year in the city of Ribeira Brava. Initially created 29 years ago with the purpose of providing greater visibility to philharmonic music and to the work developed by all the associations, which have…

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Madeira events  for May 4 EVENTS LOCALS Madeira Island News 

Madeira events for May

Lemon Festival May 11 and 12 The parish of Ilha, in the district of Santana, serves as a venue for the Lemon Festival. This event came about as a way of paying homage to the main local product – the lemon. It is also a pretext for staging a range of popular entertainment events. 28th Regional Bands Meeting May 11 Ribeira Brava municipal council, in partnership with the Madeira Cultural Affairs Department (DRAC) and the Madeira Philharmonic Bands Association, organises this cultural initiative annually – a public recognition of regional…

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Trail Funchal 5 EVENTS LOCALS Madeira Island News 

Trail Funchal

The Adventure Club Madeira features 2. Edition of Funchal Trail , Trail Funchal 2014 Running an event that will take place on May 18, 2014 , with departures and arrivals provided in Funchal Ecological Park . One event , two long distances , the ZMM 25KM TRAIL and TRAIL 1150m D + D + FX 15KM 550m , and a comprehensive range of experiences Trail Running To All : I Funchal Youth Trail Ride and TFX . Trail Funchal TZMM 25km 1150mD + The ZMM TRAIL with 25km of pure Trail…

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Brendan Fairclough on Madeira Islands – Mountain Bike

The tourist entertainment company recently brought FREERIDE WOOD oo best in the World Mountain Bike, Brendan Fairclough Brendan Fairclough The FREERIDE brought to Madeira about 5 internationally renowned athletes to publicize the Wooden holiday destination Mountain Bike, and come visit the island. The video was developed by Henry Seruca / Photography leeds Photos and Pedro Faria for the company to FREERIDE WOOD tourist entertainment in partnership with Fifth Mother Of Men and Volkswagen Commercial. Brendan Fairclough

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