The promenades of Funchal - Stroll by the seaLocals 

The promenades of Funchal – Stroll by the sea

Relaxing strolls combined with stunning sceneries…

The promenades of Funchal have inspired locals and visitors in rediscovering the beauty of Funchal´s waterfront.

These promenades paved the way for many new local businesses (restaurants, cafés and bars), attractions, recreational and leisure facilities.

What a great way to enjoy what Funchal has to offer by strolling down a clean, relaxing environment full of character.

Avenida do Mar

The Avenida do Mar promenade runs alongside Funchal´s main avenue “Avenida do Mar”.

This picturesque waterfront promenade stretched from the Funchal Marina in west Funchal and all the way to the east side of Funchal just south of the Market hall. While walking on the Avenida do Mar promenade enjoy the picturesque views of the ocean and city surroundings.

This promenade is safe both day and night and is a starting point for many local bus and tour bus routes.

This avenue becomes the center stage for both the Carnival and Flower festival allegoric parades. If you are lucky to be in Madeira during these periods, then grab a spot on the promenade and get a front row spot to a fantastic experience!

Praça do Mar

Praça do Mar, inaugurated on October 7th 2011, is ideal for those who are into shorter walks. This public square and promenade runs along the Avenida de Sá Carneiro, stretching from the port all the way to the Funchal Marina.

This infrastructure has majorly improved Funchal´s downtown core and is not just considered a place of gathering and leisure but as a gate to Funchal´s city center.  You make walk in safety day and night.

Lido Promenade

The Promenade do Lido is a seaside walking trail that stretches from the Lido area all the way to Praia Formosa, which is also known as heart of Funchal´s hotel zone. Bordering the promenade is the ocean and many well known Maderian hotels.

Restaurants, cafés, leisure areas such as parks and public swimming pools are easily accessed by the promenade.

The Lido promenade´s garden is a pleasant place where many events occur from craft fairs to canine shows. Take a stroll along the Lido promenade and enjoy the picturesque scenery it has to offer you! This promenade is safe to walk in day and night.

Câmara de Lobos Promenade

The Câmara de Lobos promenade connects the Lido promenade to the Câmara de Lobos village making it possible to walk along the waterfront from the Lido area all the way to the bay of Câmara de Lobos.

Check out this wonderful promenade built on pillars and bridges, and breath in the rugged and intact beauty that it has to offer. Once in Câmara de Lobos, stop at a local bar or café and try the local speciality drinks, the poncha and the Nikita.

The Câmara de Lobos promenade is closed at night.

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