Quinta das Cruzes Museum Activities 

Quinta das Cruzes Museum

Quinta das Cruzes is one of the largest “Quintas “with historic tradition in the bay of Funchal, linked to the family of the first Donatory Captain in the late fifteenth, early sixteenth century. A small building, started by Joao Goncalves Zarco (1425-1467?), was increased by his son João Gonçalves da Câmara. This house remained in the family until the mid seventeenth century, moving through marriage alliances, to the Lomelino family until the late nineteenth century. The is now harmonized by major works undertaken in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Like…

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Madeira Libraries Activities 

Madeira Libraries

Library/Documentation Center – Contemporary Art Museum The museum has a small library/documentation centre, which is open to whoever is interested. In this documentation centre are gathered publications and editions, like newspapers, catalogues, books, postcards, cut paperwork and magazines, which are common in its main theme, that is, contemporary art. For each artist represented in the museum’s collection it was organised an individual related folder. Regional Public Library The Regional Public Library is a dynamic institution, with an essentially patrimonial and erudite feature but equally accessible to the general population. It…

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Sport Holidays in Madeira Islands - Rappel, Slide and Climbing in Madeira Activities 

Sport Holidays in Madeira Islands – Rappel, Slide and Climbing in Madeira

Land activities – Rappel, Slide and Climbing Madeira’s volcanic origins and its rugged mountainous relief are a guarantee of adventurous moments. To summit the impressive and magnificent mountains bursting directly from the sea is a memorable conquest for any climber worth his salt. The favoured areas for climbing are the central mountain range, the sea cliffs and some of the northern cliffs. The mild climate of  Madeira and Porto Santo Islands is ideal for the practice of all kinds of sports, leisure and outdoors activities, at any time of the…

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Birdwatching Madeira Activities 

Birdwatching Madeira

Bird Watching in Madeira: A Symphony of Nature’s Wonders Birdwatching is an activity that finds, on Madeira, ideal conditions for its practice, whether being the observation of land or sea birds.Birdwatching is a pleasant way of getting to know, in depth, the elements that make up the unique natural heritage of Madeira. The rich biodiversity of the Madeira Islands, which are considered as a Biogenetic Reserve by the European Union and a World Natural Heritage by UNESCO, allows you to observe native species of Madeira and Macaronesia. So just take…

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Canyoning in Porto Moniz Activities 

Madeira Orienteering Festival 2024

Land activities – Orienteering Madeira is distinctive, mountainous terrain and the rich diversity of the landscape make it a unique challenge for even the most experienced orienteering enthusiasts. Madeira has been developing its facilities for this sport in the last few years and already has a selection of maps and a large number of fans.  The archipelago’s mild climate and excellent hotels have been attracting lots of orienteers from different countries, particularly from Northern Europe, for whom the island is the ideal spot for training. Madeira Orienteering Festival: https://madeiraorienteering.com/?page_id=467&lang=en Sport Holidays in…

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Canyoning Madeira [year] Activities 

Canyoning Madeira 2024

Land activities – Canyoning Madeira is the ideal place for extreme sports, thanks also to its singular relief with deep valleys and imposing mountains.Getting down the rivers of Madeira is a way to see undiscovered and untouched parts of the island, while revelling in the exciting journey through transparent waters. During summer the northern rivers are the most appropriate, as the flows are high and there is enough white water to create an exciting challenge.During winter, however, we recommend the streams to the south, with gentler, quieter flows. The mild…

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Golf in Madeira Island - Three excellent golf courses Activities 

Golf in Madeira Island – Three excellent golf courses

Madeira is a popular destination for avid golfers, offering great weather and three excellent golf courses that provide a challenging game, two in Madeira and one in Porto Santo. If you’re looking for a golfing getaway with incredible views and low green fees, look no further than the amazing selection of golf courses in Madeira Island. From championship courses to family-friendly courses, you’ll find plenty of options to challenge your skills while not breaking the bank. Golf in Madeira Island is a great way to experience paradise while playing a…

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Sailing holidays in the Madeira Activities 

Sailing holidays in the Madeira

Madeira, a Portuguese archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, is a perfect destination for sailing enthusiasts. With its warm climate, rich marine life, and stunning landscapes, Madeira offers an unparalleled sailing experience. This blog post will explore the best sailing areas in Madeira, including the exciting opportunity to observe dolphins and whales in their natural habitat. Madeira: A Perfect Place for Sailing Sailing All Year Round Madeira’s subtropical climate allows for sailing all year round. The mild weather, influenced by the Gulf Stream, ensures a comfortable sailing experience even in winter.…

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The Santa Maria Flagship Activities 

The Santa Maria Flagship

Madeira pirate boat – Santa Maria de Colombo This magnificent replica of Christopher Columbus’s Flag ship “THE SANTA MARIA “ was built on the island of Madeira, between July 1997 and Jully 1998, in the fishing village of Camara de Lobos by Robert Wijntje, a dutchman and by local craftsmen. In 1998, the SANTA MARIA represented the Madeira Wine Expo 98 in Lisbon, where she was visited by 97.016 people in only 25 days. Since then thousands more have sailed and continue to sail aboard the SANTA MARIA, experiencing more…

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The Monte Cable Car in Funchal Activities 

The Monte Cable Car in Funchal

Visiting Funchal? Then come and take a ride on either the Monte! Treat yourself to a magnificent and unique experience. From the cable car, hovering over the city, where buildings rise alongside gardens and kitchen-gardens, you can enjoy Funchal’s amphitheatre and bay in a scenario of blues, greens and oranges. The city of Funchal is commonly classified as a Garden City, due to its abundance of green spaces and wealth of flowers amid its rows of houses, in a symbiosis between rural and urban life. It is this harmony of…

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