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Levada Rabaçal – 25 Fontes

The flow of 25 Fontes is one of the most popular of Madeira. His name lives up to the number of sources and small waterfalls that you can count on when we reached the place.

Starting Rabaçal toward 25 Fontes, the path reveals landscapes and wonderful sensations. Along the way you can enjoy a wide variety of endemic flora and fauna of the region. Enjoy the contact with nature and soak up everything she has to offer!

Levada Rabaçal

Levada Rabaçal picture

Upon arriving at the location of 25 Fontes marvel at the scenery and all the surroundings, such as the waterfalls gushing toward a magnificent lagoon. Take a break and open your mind. Some people dive into the freezing waters!

After enjoying the 25 Fontes, continue the path towards risk, where you can admire a splendid waterfall. Finish the journey with a visit to the home of Rabaçal, it looks tiny against the majesty of the mountains that surround it. Take some time to regain strength with a snack or just to relax.

The rabaçal is a unique and magical, filled with waterfalls, fountains, ponds and much more! Come find out!

Location: Rabaçal
Location: Calheta
Distance: 12 km

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