Levada do Rei – Ribeiro Bonito

This route connects the station of Broken Water Treatment in St. George, carried in the womb of Ribeiro Bonito. It is from a mixed forest that run many of the streams present.

Levada do Rei

Levada Do Rei picture

Now Ribeiro Bonito, the feeling is of being in a true natural sanctuary. The Ribeiro Bonito is one of the areas where dwells the Laurel Forest – World Natural Heritage by UNESCO since 1999 – a true unspoilt!
Here, the clear water is flanked by Tis (Ocotea laurel), Laurel (Laurus azorica) and Madeira mahogany (Persea indica) that are home to firecrest (Regulus ignicapillus maderensis), finches (Fringilla coelebs maderensis) and other birds of known Madeiran fauna.

Total distance: 5.1 km (5.1 Km + return)
Time: 3h 30m/3h
Maximum altitude: 710 m
Minimum altitude: 530 m
Home: St. George WWTP
End: WWTP St. George
It is recommended: Waterproof and appropriate footwear (boots)
Cautions: Slippery Floor

Levada Do Rei


Levada do Rei – Ribeiro Bonito
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