Hiking in Madeira, Rabaçal - Levada do Risco - Levada 25 FontesLevadas Walks 

Hiking in Madeira, Rabaçal – Levada do Risco – Levada 25 Fontes

The Rabaçal , a local serranos better known by domestic and foreign real post extolling the beauties of the island , offers visitors memorable landscapes through the vast wooded area , as well as the waterfalls of Risk, Sources of Twenty- Five …

Different points of the County can get there : the Parish of Arco da Calheta , across the road from the municipal Rochão ; Parish of Calheta , the regional road Hall (next to Calheta Health Centre ) or the Parish of Prazeres the access road to the Fonte do Bispo .

Upon arrival at the Paul da Serra and before descending to the home of the Rabaçal , go to the gas fire warden installed on picaroto overlooking the loading chamber of Calheta Hydroelectric Dam , the view and watch the plateau , from which radiate waters into the seas of the north and south , and the spines of Calheta .

Go down to the House of Rabaçal , where access is facilitated using the transport that connects the Paul da Serra and the house of the Rabaçal . This is where you begin your walk .

This tour , with a total distance of 10 Km ( outward and return ) , lasts 3-4 hours, however , it is natural that much of your time is spent contemplating such beautiful scenery , but do not let nearing the end the day for the return , for the time at this altitude change very quickly , allowing the fog invade the valleys and cause visibility problems and guidance.

Other footpaths that can be performed in the County

Pine Inside , Outside and Pine Rochão
Calheta – Prazeres – Ponta do Pargo
Calheta – Sea Garden
Calheta – Orchard and Eiras
Royal Path of Paul do Mar
Hall of the Cape – Ponta do Pargo
Raposeira of the Lugarinho to Paul do Mar
Maloeira ( Faja of Sheep )
Former Levada da Serra
Loin Hall / Pico Green
Levada da Serra to West
Levada Nova – Back Hall / Pleasures
Paul do Mar / Faja Ewe

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