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Caves and the Volcano of São Vicente

If you go to the north coast of Madeira, be sure to visit two important centers of science and knowledge, and the Volcano Caves of Sao Vicente .
This center manages to combine culture and education with leisure and entertainment through audio-visual projections that recreate volcanic eruptions and the ‘ birth ‘ of an island.

Here you can also visit the famous Caves of Sao Vicente ( which already existed and which were included in the Center for Volcanology ) and stroll through the beautiful gardens planted with endemic flora of Madeira .

Grutas de São Vicente

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Of volcanic origin , are composed of a series of lava tubes , a result of an eruption that occurred about 400,000 years . This set of ” volcanic tunnels ” features a total development of over 1000 m is the highest that is known so far on the island of Madeira .

The pedestrian route has an extension 700 meters , which are traversed in about thirty minutes, and the maximum depth of about 19 meters.

Inside you can admire stalactites volcanic accumulations of lava, known as ” lava cakes ” , and ” block errant ” (stone transported by lava and got stuck due to its dimensions , inside a lava channel ) . A truly stunning ride through the bowels of the earth not to be missed !

The volcanic caves , located on the north coast of Madeira , in the municipality of São Vicente , can see the inner island and the volcanic convulsions which it originated .

These caves , with its canals lava several kilometers long , providing a stunning , 30 minutes , the interior of the earth . The path that lead to small ponds of clear water presents mysterious and is accompanied by music.

Volcano Pavilion and Water Gardens

The Volcanism Centre , located next to the Caves of Sao Vicente , combines culture and knowledge to leisure and entertainment .

This pavilion, about 90 visitors can watch the shows that make audiovisual recreation of the geological evolution of the caves , a volcano and a simulation of an island being born .

Taking advantage of the geographical features of the land , was also built a garden with predominance of endemic plants , which presents a series of footpaths , harmoniously blended with water courses .

Open every day , with the first visit and last visit to 9H00 to 18H00 .
São Vicente Caves
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9240-039 São Vicente
Tel: (+351)291 842404
E- mail: [email protected]

Normal Ticket – 5 €

Website: https://www.grutasecentrodovulcanismosaovicente.com/

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