Paris to Madeira flight: Windavia new company will call Madeira to ParisMadeira Island News 

Paris to Madeira flight: Windavia new company will call Madeira to Paris

The airline did Windavia Wednesday its maiden flight . The first commercial link will be on 17 December on a trip to Madeira . Then shall make trips from Paris to Madeira , and also fly to other destinations .
The Windavia is the new Portuguese charter operator who made quart Monday the inaugural flight Lisbon – Beja -Lisbon .

 Paris to Madeira flight

Paris to Madeira flight

According revealed at the time the director general of the company, Peter Bollinger , the charter carrier already has more than four thousand flights contracted with major tour operators to fly from Lisbon , Madeira and Paris to major destinations sun and beach in the south Europe, particularly in Algarve , Madeira , Canary Islands , Greek Islands and North Africa . Already starting next week until December 31, 2014 , according to Peter Bollinger .

The first commercial flight will be on 17 December, the date on which the Windavia , in partnership with the tour operator GPS Tours , will invite leading tour operators for lunch in Madeira , in order to promote the destination .
” From there , we start with two weekly flights Paris – Funchal in the festive season , then increase one flight per week and in the summer, there will be four weekly flights ,” forward Peter Bollinger .

The Windavia , who claims to have ” more than EUR 50 million in signed contracts ,” has also reached agreement with leading Israeli operators . Therefore , from the beginning of the high season , will begin flying once a week to Israel , increasing the number of weekly frequencies for two at the peak of summer.
The Windavia fly with four Airbus A320 aircraft and is finalizing the contract for two more.

The new operator is held 49 % by Peter Bollinger and 51 % by a Portuguese investor who prefers to remain anonymous

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