Sale of Madeira Wine grewMadeira Island News 

Sale of Madeira Wine grew

Madeira Wine sales rose about 2.1 % in 2013 , compared to the same period last year , with a total of 16.8 million euros in turnover.

Sale of Madeira Wine grew

Sale of Madeira Wine grew

The figures were released by the Regional Directorate of Statistics , interestingly noted that the regional market was the increase in the order of 17 % , a total of 521,000 liters , corresponding to a turnover of EUR 3.9 million.
The most important export market , remains to France, having a million gallons of Madeira wine , valued at 3.4 million euros . The United States rose by 15 % in quantity and 18 % in value , however, insufficient to overcome the British market , which despite declines of 16.5 % and 8.2 % in volume and value traded , maintains it is the second most important for Madeira wine export market .

Down Embroidery

Already Embroidery Madeira fell by 19.9 % compared with the previous year, representing 961,164.00 euros , according also revealed the DRE .
The Portuguese 505,726.00 euros of purchased parts , while the international market took 455,438.00 euros of embroidery in the region , says the DRE .
Over half of the sales were made in Madeira who spent 502,865.00 euros , while the domestic market only spent 2861.00 euros .

Sale of Madeira Wine grew

Internationally the United States , Italy and the UK were the most representative markets .
Since 1998 , according to data from the DRE , which reached the market already generating revenues of nearly EUR seven million , suffered a decréscimoa cumulative sales of 86 % .

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