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Venda da Donna Maria

Permanently Closed

Local restaurant specialized in regional and homemade gastronomy.
It´s a bring back of the old grocery stores of the last century, added to the comfort, personalized service, thorough decoration and quality maderian gastronomy.

Restaurant Venda da Donna Maria , located in Santa Maria , port 51 in Funchal , is a true example of a traditional family restaurant and Madeira . Once the grocery store owned by D. Mary, hence the origin of the name property , Ricardo Arraiol , the current owner has preserved the furniture sale and turned it into a restaurant, having started its activity in September 27, 2010 .

As we enter this space , it is as if we made a trip back in time as the cabinets , the counter , tables , chairs and objects associated with this , are just like knew them for 20 or 30 years .

The menu and wine list of this house , remember the books from the list , the anlage of credit sales and is curious to note that the term ” potluck ” here is the name of Madeira and ” eating day ” . The menu features a wide range of regional cuisine with a contemporary slant , but respectful of the old recipes .

The entry of lentils with sausage , which has good dinner , preparing it to meat dishes like lamb chop to Mr. Augustine or the steak to Donna Maria , accompanied with vegetables and homemade fries , or by choosing a dish fish , the serenade of fish, a mix of tuna steak , swordfish , black and lily, garnished with vegetables and baked potato.

A complete meal, a homemade sweet grandmother d’ based wafer or a refreshing passion fruit pudding . From these delicacies are our horticultural provided by a greengrocer as well as fish and seafood fresh from the nearby plaza fish Farmers Market .
A place not to be missed at the Old Part of Town.

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