Accommodation in Porto Santo Island - Porto Santo Hotels 1PORTO SANTO 

Accommodation in Porto Santo Island – Porto Santo Hotels

Porto Santo is a long sandy beach with a little island to follow .

Over its nine kilometers of soft white sand , you will find only a few hotels and restaurants , making the Porto Santo is one of the few European destinations undiscovered .

It is part of the Portuguese archipelago that includes the Madeira Island – in the Atlantic Ocean , not far from the African coast – Porto Santo offers the opportunity to get away from everything . Its volcanic sands have long been recognized for its healing powers, for various ailments and diseases .

Accommodation in Porto Santo
Accommodation in Porto Santo

However the expression ‘getting away from it all’ does not mean ‘ doing absolutely nothing ‘ . The island boasts an international golf course top notch .

The interior is ideal for rugged energetic walkers , there is still a riding club , possibility of diving, fishing and many other types of entertainment are at your disposal .

There is a curious touch in its history as the capital Porto Santo , Vila Baleira served as home to no less known Christopher Columbus . It is very easy to get to the island with the ferry from Madeira , or plane to its international airport, recently expanded.

Porto Santo is just one of the wonderful undiscovered destinations that are part of the Guide Portuga .

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