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Madeira Summer Water Jump

The ‘ Madeira Summer Water Jump‘ is a groundbreaking event in Madeira Island , held annually in the summer . In 2013 the venue was in Paul do Mar and featured business organization , MADproductions Freeride and Madeira.

One summer day the ” pedal to the sea “

A race day with heels for sea water which always provoke strong emotions , moments of fun and will raise the ceilings of each athlete , a hard fought contest . The event beyond the saints Bicycle Sea , has great animation , music and raffles .

The categories of competition

The main category of the competition , where we elect in the final round , the top three athletes . After the qualifying round , the top 12 athletes pass the final, competing for the podium . Leave it to the crazy !

One trick that can give you a single premium ! We are waiting for ‘ backflips ‘, ‘ tailwhips ‘ and more. All that implies difficulty , much rotation and adrenaline to the max!

Are those who like large flights ? To go further ? Height and length ? This is the perfect class for you . Fly as high as you can!

The category that produces reactions in public like this: ‘ AIII ! ‘, ‘This hurts! ‘, ‘ What plate ! ‘ . We do not want anyone to get hurt but we have a prize for the biggest drop or ‘ plate ‘ .

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