Sleeps in Madeira destination grew 3.9%

Overnight stays in several hotels in the Madeira Islands between January and September 2014 increased 3.9%. In absolute terms, were recorded in Madeira Islands about 623 thousand nights that month (11.8% of total overnight stays occurred in Portugal). A breakdown by type of establishment, it is observed that the annual changes were negligible, highlighting the positive apartment hotels (more overnight stays approximately 2400) and the negative pensions (least 1,500 overnight stays approximately).

The average stay in this period was 5 nights
In turn, the occupancy rate (bed) in September 2014 reached 71.5% and total revenues exceeded EUR 29.8 million, an increase coberturas of 5.0% compared to September 2013. In the first nine months of 2014, this variable recorded an increase of 8.2% over the same period.

British market remains the largest
In the main markets, changes estimated for the British and German markets were + 11.5% and + 3.6% respectively, while the nights spent by residents in Portugal fell by 6.5%.

Sleeps In Madeira

Sleeps in Madeira destination grew 3.9%
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