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Madeira March Events 2024

March 2024 in Madeira offers a diverse array of events, reflecting the island’s rich cultural tapestry and the onset of spring. This month is characterized by a blend of traditional festivities and contemporary celebrations. Highlights often include Carnival, a vibrant and colorful event with parades, music, and dancing, showcasing Madeira’s lively spirit. Additionally, the spring season brings various outdoor activities and nature-oriented events, allowing visitors to experience the island’s blooming landscapes and mild climate. March in Madeira is an ideal time for travelers seeking a mix of festive cultural experiences and the natural beauty of the island.

49th Edition – Book Fair
Madeira March Events [year] 2

Book Fair (feira do livro)

Avenida Arriaga is the setting for the Book Fair, a cultural event in which most of Madeira’s bookshops and some Portuguese publishers take part.

Date: ???
Locality: Funchal

Festa da Anona (Cherimoya Fruit Festival)

The “Festa da Anona” is a traditional festival held in Madeira, Portugal, celebrating the cherimoya fruit (also known as “anona” in Portuguese). This festival honors the significance of cherimoya cultivation in the region and features a variety of activities, including agricultural displays, local music, and cultural performances. Visitors can enjoy an array of local foods and drinks, with a special emphasis on dishes and treats made from the cherimoya. The event is a vibrant expression of Madeira’s agricultural heritage and local customs.

Date: ???
Locality: Faial

Earth Hour Funchal Race

The Earth Hour Funchal Race in Madeira is an event organized to coincide with the global Earth Hour initiative. This race, typically held in Funchal, the capital of Madeira, aims to raise awareness about environmental issues and the importance of sustainable living. Participants join in activities such as running or walking, often in the evening or at night to align with the Earth Hour, when lights are turned off around the world to symbolize commitment to the planet. This event combines physical activity with environmental consciousness, bringing the community together for a cause.

Date: 25/03/2024
Locality: Funchal

Regional Sugar Cane Fair

The Regional Sugar Cane Fair in Madeira is an event celebrating the island’s long-standing sugar cane industry. This fair typically features a variety of activities related to sugar cane cultivation and processing. Visitors can expect to see demonstrations of traditional sugar cane cutting and processing techniques, sample products made from sugar cane like rum and molasses, and enjoy a range of local foods and drinks influenced by sugar cane. The fair is not only a celebration of Madeira’s agricultural heritage but also an educational experience that highlights the historical and economic importance of sugar cane to the region.

Date: ???
Locality: Ponta do Sol

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