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The Madeira Film Festival works with several schools and the university to put together a showcase of student-made films from each, shown prior to the week of the festival.  Our collegiate showcases screen almost exclusively at the beautiful Estalagem Ponto Do Sol hotel.   These screenings are an excellent way for a student filmmaker, working with their school, to have their film screened before an actual film-going audience and to begin the process of building media and community notoriety.  The showcases consist of a number of films from each partner school, screened together, and in the past have shown time and time again to be proving grounds for the new voices of independent cinema.


Pitch your film idea to a panel of industry professionals during the festival. As a filmmaker being able to pitch your project creatively, efficiently and the ability to adjust your pitch to different times, people and circumstances are essential skills.  This session will help prepare yourself and your pitch through receiving tips and skills pertinent to your specific project from a varied panel of industry professionals. You will be assigned 5 minutes to pitch your project and receive constructive feedback and criticism.


The Madeira Pitch  is open to all filmmakers, from any country.
– Your project can be at any stage of development, production, or post-production.
– Your project can be a short, feature or documentary.
– Interactive factual/documentary; broadband, web-based, mobile phone/mobile device content, cross-platform and convergent media projects are also eligible and indeed highly encouraged, with specialised commissioners, funders and advisers present.
– You can enter only one  project.
– Your projects must have international appeal and take an innovative/fresh approach to either the content, the execution of the idea or both.
– Your project may take any form or specialist focus, e.g. feature documentaries, television, series or specialised genres. Natural history and nature related topics are most welcome.
– We also welcome projects looking to raise finance and distribute/exhibit their projects through alternative strategies including via crowdfunding, self/hybrid distribution
– Projects do not need to have financing already in place.

Project Information/Synopsis

– Please  submit a  short (100 word) and long (500 word) synopses –  The quality of your description is what matters. Remember this description has to entice assessors to want to choose you and buyers to want to meet you, so get them interested and leave them wanting more. And whilst you should get them excited with the ideas, don’t forget to give them story and character as well.
– Details – Length, Intended slot, Format, Status, Date of Production/Release – you may not know for sure yet depending on what stage your project is at, but be as realistic as possible – research what slots exist in international TV, cinema and cross-platform, and tally your length and slot with that. Make sure your budget information is consistent with the length you specify. It’s fine to keep your options open and specify, for example, a TV hour and a 90′ version. We also ask you if you’ve pitched the project in other markets – it’s not a problem if you have, it just helps us to know which Decision Makers may already be aware of it.
– Financing – State your total budget and total already obtained (plus who has already committed funds) in Euros and Pounds.

Madeira Film Festival [year]

– Participants – Give us brief information on your production team (up to 100 words each for biography and filmography). Don’t paste your CV here, these biographies are part of your project information and need to be as enticing as your synopses, so make them interesting. Remember that your biogs go here, they don’t go in your synopsis – you’re wasting your chance to write about your project if you put your biogs in there. Also remember that you must split your biography (your personal history and profile) from your filmography (list of your films/other projects)


Numerous seminars are hosted throughout the week of the festival, ranging in topics from directing to screenwriting to financing independent film.  Our seminars are a rare opportunity to see the independent film industry from an insider’s view, and to gain insight into what exactly goes into making a film in the independent market, as well as filmmaking in general.  The Festival is proud, every year, to bring out industry professionals to offer their unique perspectives, and to give our festival attendees an up-close and personal glance at what it takes to be a filmmaker, on both the independent and studio scale. All the seminar events are conducted within Reid’s Palace Hotel.


Irene M. Borrego

As a young Economics graduate she worked as a strategic consultant before changing her path to move in a new direction. She graduated in Film Directing from the Escuela Internacional de Cine y TV (EICTV), in San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba. Her graduation project obtained an academic distinction as well as the Special Prize of the Jury at the Rencontres Internationales Henri Langlois. Later on she extended her studies at The London Film School with a scholarship. In 2013 she became a Prado Museum fellow for «El Ojo que piensa» Aesthetics Seminar under the guidance of Félix de Azúa.

Living in Mexico for several years, she cooperated with diverse press media in the culture section as well as worked as an assistant director for several Latin-American features like Madrigal and El búfalo de la noche. Back to Spain, she co-founded 59 en Conserva, an independent production company committed to innovative projects. Her works as a director have been screened at Tampere, Slamdance, Monterrey, Amiens, Molodist, Documenta Madrid and Punto de Vista among others film festivals, and have been awarded in France, USA, Italy and Spain. They have also been screened as part of the programming of the Instituto Cervantes. In 2008 she was invited to Serbia by Emir Kusturica to receive along with other young international filmmakers master classes by Nikita Mikhalkov, Fatih Akin, Cristian Mungiu, Michael Radford and Kusturica himself. In 2010 she attended a film workshop by Albert Serra at La Casa Encendida in Madrid, and in 2012 she was one of the participants of The Abbas Kiarostami Film Seminar hosted by IBAFF, Murcia.

Rony Ghosh

Rony has more than 20 years of experience across advertising, media and films.  Starting his media and advertising career in India, Rony has spent several years with organisations such as Grey Worldwide, Dentsu Young & Rubicam and The Times Of India, working on some of the largest national and multinational brands in the region. His vast experience in brand communication spans across India and South East Asia. After moving to England in 2001, Rony launched his film production and distribution business in 2004-05. He has successfully produced his first feature film in 2005, a British-Asian comedy titled “Chicken Tikka Masala”. Since then he has been involved with several filmed entertainment & tv projects as a consulting producer. At present, he is involved with the development of three feature films to be made in 2013-14. Rony has the experience of working and developing strategies in both the conventional and new media world. Apart from marketing & brand communications, his strengths are in organisation and management of projects and ventures.

Alexandre O Phillipe

Alexandre O. Philippe is an established documentary filmmaker, and the recipient of several prestigious international awards. He holds a Masters Degree in Dramatic Writing from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts–where he won both the Founder’s Day Award and the Senior Achievement Award (class valedictorian)–and is Creative Director of Denver-based Cinema Vertige.

Alexandre has conducted Film Deconstruction and Dramatic Writing seminars for numerous schools and organizations, such as the International Animation Program (Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design), Young Playwrights, Inc., Lighthouse Writers Workshop, Documentary Edge Film Festival (NZ), The Starz Denver International Film Festival, Colorado Youth at Risk, The University of Denver, The Vail Salon Series, and the Denver Book Festival. His “Character and Structure” workshop at the 2002 Denver Film Festival was hailed by director Ron Henderson as “the most successful screenwriting workshop in the festival’s 25-year history”. He also curated the Language of Film series at the Starz FilmCenter for a period of three years. He is a recipient of the Mayor’s Award for Excellence in the Arts.

During the festival , there will be four sessions of film per day , all in the Teatro Municipal Baltazar Dias , and also an animation block , on April 23 at 16:00
This year’s edition of the Madeira Film Festival ( MFF ) , to be held in Funchal , between 21 and 27 April, will show 12 short films and 18 ” long ” , during the event , today revealed the organization .
Festival Director , Aitken Pearson , stressed that ” the MFF goals remain the same : designing films that highlight nature in its beauty, strength and fullness , pay tribute to the laurel forest of Madeira and challenge the audience to transcend your mind , intelligence and sensitivity , through the power of visual communication . “

During the festival , there will be four sessions of film per day , all in the Teatro Municipal Baltazar Dias , and also an animation block , on April 23 at 16:00 .
The short film ” From Me,” the Madeiran Carlos Melim , opens on Thursday , April 24 , at 14:00 in Teatro Municipal Baltazar Dias.
The third edition of the Madeira Film Festival was officially presented today in Lisbon , with the presence of Duarte Pio , Duke of Bragança , as the 2014 edition is sponsored by the Portuguese Royal House .

“From the first time I visited Madeira , when I was ten , I was in love with the beauty of Madeira’s natural landscape and every time I go there I get involved and concerned if the people and the authorities preserve or, conversely , leave destroy the landscape ” he said , lamenting that often , ” the landscape is not respected .”
Regarding the festival, said he ” has a great value , national and international level , promote the protection of wild areas of Madeira ” .

As for the success of the MFF , said that ” much depends on the support given from authorities to the general public and the media ” , as it will be for these issues that the festival may have “success ” .
The Madeira Film Festival , which is organized by the Cultural and Educational Association Creative Wood ‘s mission is to warn and create global awareness for nature conservation , promoting the Laurel Forest , UNESCO world heritage site , the organization of the United Nations Educational , Science and Culture .

As in previous years , this year’s edition will include movies, concerts , panels and ” workshops ” , an educational project and a social program , as well as a supportive component that supports the Gil Foundation .

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