Desertas islands Madeira declared a protected areaMadeira Island News 

Desertas islands Madeira declared a protected area

The Council of Europe has announced that the Desertas islands are to be declared a ³Protected Area², thus acknowledging the importance of the work that has been done in this Natural Reserve for over 25 years.
Various areas of interest were assessed at a meeting of experts on the European Diploma of Protected Areas, held in Strasbourg this weekend.

Desertas islands

Desertas islands

This area of the Madeira Natural Park was selected by them, as its exceptional natural heritage is managed in an exemplary manner in pursuit of the conservation of biodiversity and as a sanctuary for the monk seal.
Following this decision, Portugal now has two protected areas recognised by the Council of Europe, both of which in the Autonomous Region of Madeira: The Selvagens Islands Natural Reserve and the Desertas Islands Natural

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