Carro de Cesto: The traditional transport in Funchal 1Madeira News 

Carro de Cesto: The traditional transport in Funchal


Every year there are thousands of people who are left fascinated by the experience of sliding at high speed on traditional and unique ” Cars Cart ” , mainly tourists visiting the region.

Carro de Cesto

This type of car emerged around 1850 in Funchal . These cars are made by hand , with wicker and wood , and have two seats . Are driven and controlled by two paths (the name given to people who maneuver this car ) , dressed in white and wearing straw hat on head skillfully use own boots with thick rubber soles , like brakes, as well as control the speed of the car with the help of ropes .

The journey between Funchal and Monte ( up to Deliverance ) , develops a distance of about 2 km and takes place in about 10 minutes , providing its users moments of pure emotion and adrenaline , reaching a maximum of 80 km / h .
One above all for those who experience visit us.


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